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Final Post on this Blog


The Visioning Bridge blog is ready to retire. Effective immediately, all communications (on-line that is) relating to the Integration of ICSL and UCSL will be handled at the following site:

Here is the last update representing the transition to the new communications site                                          


Integration is underway and progressing steadily!  The leadership of International and United Centers for Spiritual Living wants to make sure that anyone desiring to be involved in the process has the opportunity to do so.  For that purpose, we are sending this email to explain where we are in the process, how you can access information about integration, and where you can give feedback.


In 2009, the Design Team began meeting to map out the most effective way to bring the two organizations together.  They identified 18 “modules,” corresponding to the functional departments of each organization.  To see a full list of the modules, go to (login instructions listed below).  The first module teams began meeting in late 2009, and are continuing to meet through July of 2010.  These teams are using a project management software called Base Camp HQ to track their progress, communicate with one another, and post their design templates.  The Base Camp HQ website is available by invitation to all members of module teams.

How to Provide Feedback:

As each module team completes an initial draft of its proposed design for a department, the draft is posted to the Integration Forum website for public comment.  You can find these design drafts, and make comments, at Integration Forum site is for anyone who would like to comment on proposed module designs before they are finalized and sent to the Design Team (see below).  The feedback from this site will be given to the module team for them to consider as they finalize each proposed module design.

To access this site, go to Use the Login box on the left to login as a registered user or to create a new account. 

  • After logging in, click the link that says “Enter the Integration Forum.”
  • To enter as a guest without logging in, simply click the link that says “Login as a Guest.”
  • Once you enter a module or sub-module forum topic, you can use the blue hyperlink paths at the top and bottom of the topic, known as ‘breadcrumbs,’ to navigate throughout the Integration Forum.
  • Only registered users can reply to module draft information, leave comments, and add new discussion topics.  Registered users also have the benefit of being auto-subscribed to the Integration Forum so updates are emailed as they occur.  Guest users will be redirected to create an account when attempting to post comments.
  • Creating a registered user account is easy:
    • In the Login box on the left, click Create new account.
    • Select your own username and password and add your name, email, and city/country.
    • Click the Create My New Account button and the Integration Forum will email you a confirmation link to click on and complete your registration.
    • You can click the Modules button that appears to access the forum immediately or login at anytime using the username and password you created.

We are providing these methods to get information and provide feedback in a sincere attempt to include as many people as possible in the integration process.  By going to the Integration Forum and providing comments on the draft module designs, you can have your voice heard in the formation of the new organization. 

Next Steps:

Once all of the modules have posted their initial proposals on the Integration Forum, and comments from the field have subsequently been incorporated into the final proposed design of each module, each module team will fill out a Design Template to turn into the Design Team.  The current time line has all of these templates coming to the Design Team in July 2010.  Between July 2010 and October 2010, the Design Team will synthesize the material and create a comprehensive overall organizational design.  A draft copy of this overall design will be posted for public comment in October 2010, and will also be sent to the Board of Directors of International Centers for Spiritual Living and the CORE Council of United Centers for Spiritual Living for their review.  Following this, copies will go to all the communities and be posted on the Integration Forum.  Additionally, the Design Team will host a series of conference calls to address any questions or comments about the draft design.  Drs. Kathy Hearn and Kenn Gordon will participate in approximately ten regional meetings between October 2010 and January 2011, to provide yet another opportunity for public discussion.  The entire membership of both International and United Centers for Spiritual Living will vote on the final design in February 2011 at the Leadership Gathering in San Diego.  Anyone who may be a delegate at the 2011 Leadership Gathering will want to become well-versed in the design information before participating in the voting.  Watch for updates about each of these steps as the process continues.

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact any member of the Design Team:

Dr. Kenn Gordon                      

Dr. Kathy Hearn                        

Dr. Jim Lockard                        

Dr. John Waterhouse                

Dr. Steve Gabrielson                

Dr. Michelle Medrano               

Dr. Karen Kushner                    

Rev. Gregory Toole                  

Dr. Candice Becket                  

Dr. Judy Morley                        

Steve Burton                             

Thank you for your support of and participation in this joyous integration process!

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A Message from Dr’s Kenn & Kathy Re: Regional Meeting Results

Beloved Colleagues,

            I am sending this on behalf of Dr. Kenn Gordon (who is already in Australia for the Parliament) and myself, to give you a brief update on the first Integration Regional Meetings that took place November 5, 6 and 7, 2009.  

We visited Mile Hi in Denver, The Bodhi Center in Chicago and the Center for Spiritual Living in Morristown, New Jersey.  Approximately 140 people attended the meetings traveling not only from the Denver, Chicago and Morristown areas but also New York City, Atlanta, and Rhode Island.  Seven other Regional Meetings are planned for January/February 2010 (schedule at end of this message.)

            Dr. Kenn and I are traveling to the various centers in order to bring information about the current status of Integration to the people of both our organizations and to engage in dialogue about Integration.  Our primary intentions are to include the people of ICSL and UCSL in the process and to make ourselves available for comments, questions, concerns, guidance and requests.  We acknowledged in all three meetings that while we had much to share, our real interest was in knowing what people wanted to hear and to ask and how they wanted to participate. 

Attendees were given handouts which included:

–       the Group Covenant Prayer

–       the “Statement of Principles  and Memorandum of Understanding” from the most

recent meeting of the Board of Directors, CORE Council and Integration Team.

–       the Integration Module List  which listing the various design modules for the new

integrated organization and current team members.

            Here, in brief, are the basics of what we presented and discussed.

            After an invocation and introduction by our host, Dr. Kathy opened with words of welcome and established the intentions for the meeting.  She offered the following quotation from Ernest Holmes:

 “I am sure your interest is in the permanency of the movement, the same as mine is, even though we are on two sides of the same coin.  Of course, I know the whole thing will come back together when the right time comes, because it is the logical thing to do, and I think, in the long run, common sense usually wins.” 

            Dr. Kenn recounted some of the history of the movement toward Integration, including the Committee on Cooperation, the Visioning Bridge and the more recent Integration Team.  He shared about finding at the ICSL Spokane office the minutes recording the meeting in 1954 when the moment of “the split” took place; and he discussed the healing work that had been done (and will be done again at the Leadership Gathering) with the names of all in attendance at that 1954 meeting.  He spoke about the important and historic meetings that have taken place in the last two years between various leadership groups of both organizations and acknowledged the tremendous work and support of Rev. Deborah Johnson in the Integration process.

            Dr. Kathy acknowledged that we are entering a solid phase of organizational design and talked about what is guiding the process of Integration:

–       the deep sense that the people of both organizations want Integration

to happen;

–       the sense that “the right time” that Ernest Holmes referred to has come;

–       the Group Covenant Prayer from the Design Team Co-Creation process

facilitated by  Rev. Marcia Sutton, which Dr. Kathy read.

Dr. Kenn went over various parts of the “Statement of Principles and Memorandum of Understanding,” including guiding principles for the Integration process and the potential contribution of Integration to organizational effectiveness, innovative capability, market impact and financial return.  He offered the following regarding how the Integration design and decision- making process will proceed:

–       Ultimately, the delegates of the two organizations will determine the design of the new organization at the Leadership Gathering scheduled for February 2011 in San Diego, CA. 

–       All organizational elements and aspects have been distilled into Design Modules and a timeline has been created.

–       Module Design Teams are forming and will be meeting during 2010 to generate a design for their module in the new organization. 

–       In February 2010 at our Leadership Gathering in Denver, CO, all attendees will have the opportunity to participate in an open Community Dialogue.   Participants’ ideas and concerns will be voiced and captured in writing for the benefit of the Design Module Teams review and for anyone else’s perusal online after the Gathering. 

–       From March through July 2010, Module Teams’ draft designs will be created and submitted to the Design Team and reviewed for content and continuity with all other aspects of the Integration Process.  They will then be directed to an independent team that will draft new Bylaws.

–       The ICSL Board of Directors and the UCSL CORE Council will support this process by reviewing and commenting on drafts as they become available. A final draft of the Organizational Design and Bylaws Document must be approved by both leadership bodies before being presented to delegates.

–       The new Organizational Design and Bylaw Document will be presented to Delegates for final approval at the 2011 Leadership Gathering.  It is the intention of the Design Team to publish the Draft Organizational Design and Bylaw Document to the ICSL and UCSL communities prior to the Leadership Gathering.

Dr. Kathy shared the Design Module List and discussed the basic timeline of the design process.  She invited attendees to review the Modules and to sign up for Module Design Teams they would like to participate in.

Both Dr. Kathy and Dr. Kenn discussed  the following Integration activities already taking place:

–          Youth camps

–          Conferences

–          Cross pollination of pulpits

–          Practitioner reciprocity

–          Branding/Organizational Identity

–          Finance teams with members on each other’s teams

–          Practitioner Integration Team

We entered into what we called “hot topics” including:

–          Education – certificated/basic classes, and Practitioner and Ministerial training

–          The role of Practitioners within centers and the larger organization

–          The role and participation of Laity; Laity organization; Laity list serve

–          Other topics as they surfaced.

We shared about opportunities for community-wide input:

–           Attending the Regional Meetings

–           Attending the Leadership Gathering – to receive current information about the process and engage in community dialogue

–          E-mailing questions or concerns at any time.

Throughout the meeting we answered questions as they arose.  We completed by reading together the Group Covenant Prayer and closed with a Benediction.

            The meetings felt full, rich and valuable and we are grateful to Dr. Roger Teel, Rev. Mark Anthony Lord, Rev. Denise Schubert and Rev. Frankie Timmers and the people of their centers for their hospitality, kindness and support.

            The upcoming Regional Meeting are:


Dallas, Texas Thursday January 7, 2010
Center for Spiritual Living TIME: 6 – 9 PM
4801 Spring Valley
Dallas, Texas
(972) 866-9988  
Atlanta, Georgia Friday, January 8, 2010
Spiritual Living Centerof Atlanta
Woodruff Arts Center
TIME: 6 – 9 PM
Atlanta, Georgia  
(404) 417-0008
Cape Coral, Florida Saturday, January 9, 2010
Center for Spiritual Living406 SE 24th Ave TIME: 1 – 4 PM
Cape Coral, Florida
(239) 574-6463Encinitas, California

Seaside Center for

Spiritual Living

1613 Lake Drive

Encinitas, CA 

(760) 753-5786

Los Angeles, California

Founder’s Center for

Positive Spirituality

3281 West Sixth Street

Los Angeles, CA 

(213) 388-9733

Seattle, Washington

Center for Spiritual Living

5801 Sand Point Way NE

Seattle, WA

(206) 527-8801

Santa Rosa, California

Center for Spiritual Living,

Santa Rosa

2075 Occidental Road

Santa Rosa, CA

Monday, January 11, 2010

TIME:  6 – 9 PM

Friday, January 15, 2010

TIME:  6 – 9 PM

Friday, January 29, 2010

TIME:  6 – 9 PM

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TIME:  6 – 9 PM

We look forward to seeing you!



In Love and Peace,


Dr. Kathy Hearn                                         

Community Spiritual Leader


Dr. Kenn Gordon


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Historic Meetings in San Diego Completed 10/29/2009


The historic meetings between the ICSL Board of Directors and the UCSL CORE Council with the Transformation Team are now complete. We met at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina, the site of the 2009 ICSL Summer Conference.

Among the items on the agenda:

  • Completion of a process begun in July using materials from Stephen Gomes, a consultant.
  • Connection between the Board and CORE Council, as we set the tone for how we will serve in leadership of our respective organizations as we move toward Integration.
  • Creation of  Guiding Principles and a “Breakthrough Value Declaration” to guide the process.
  • Review of the Integration Process to date, and establishment of a timeline and functional modules and staffing of those modules.
  • Review of the content and planning for the upcoming Regional Meetings in November and Jan-Feb.
  • Review of the planning for the 2010 Leadership Gathering in Denver (Feb 15-19) featuring open business meetings for both organizations.
  • Review of the planning for the 2010 summer conferences (ICSL in Chicago & UCSL at Asilomar). The decision was made to cross-market the conferences and feature conference chairs and presenters from both organizations at both conferences.
  • The attendees gave input for the planning of the 2011 summer conference schedule.
  • A plan was developed for future meetings of the Board and CORE Council, who will meet at least twice each year.

The meetings were very positive. We are building trust and getting to know one another. As a part of the process, we created a “Breakthrough Values Declaration” jointly. The statement is to guide us through the Integration Process. Here is the statement:

Though our commitment to Oneness and

the practice of Spiritual Living,

we touch and transform 100 million lives worldwide by 2017.

This statement will be presented at the Regional Meetings (see earlier post for schedule) along with other materials developed during the meetings.

The CORE Council and the Board of Directors also ratified the proposed timeline and module alignment developed by The Design Team. Those documents are available for view under documents.

The members of the Integration Team who are not currently serving on the Board or CORE Council attend the meetings on Wednesday. The work that they began in June 2003, as the Visioning Bridge Committee is coming to full fruition.

If you are interested in serving on any of the design module teams, contact a Design Team representative.

Also, please give your feedback to this blog or through any and all available communications channels.

With deep gratitude and respect,

Jim Lockard

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Regional Meetings Schedule!!!!

You are invited to join

Dr. Kenn Gordon and Dr. Kathy Hearn

at the

November 2009 and January 2010

International Centers for Spiritual Living


United Centers for Spiritual Living


This is an opportunity to meet the leadership, hear updates,

ask questions and share ideas

Ministers, Practitioners and Lay Leadership are invited!  You have the chance to deliver insights, ideas and concerns to the Design and Integration Teams.

Drs. Kenn and Kathy will be available to:

  • Share the global vision of the new, integrated organization
  • Give updates on the integration timeline
  • Answer questions about the integrated marketing and brand identity efforts
  • Provide information on the first- ever integrated event, the 2010 Leadership Gathering
  • Take your feedback to the Design and Integration Teams

Below is a schedule of the November 2009 and January 2010 Regional Meetings.  We urge you to attend the one near you.

For Denver and Chicago meetings –

Denver, Colorado

Thursday November 5, 2009

Mile Hi Church

TIME: 1 – 4 PM

9077 W. Alameda Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80226

Vogt Center Auditorium

Chicago, Illinois

Friday, November 6, 2009

Bodhi Spiritual Center
2524 N. Lincoln Ave.

TIME: 1 – 4 PM

Chicago, IL  60614

For Morristown, New Jersey meeting –

Morristown, New Jersey

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Center for Spiritual Living

TIME: 1 – 4 PM

331 Mt Kemble Ave

Morristown, NJ 07960

For questions regarding all Regional Meetings: Contact Rev. Sheila Weldon at

January Dates


Center for Spiritual Living, Dallas, TX * Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta, GA * Center for Spiritual Living, Cape Coral, FL *  Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, Encinitas, CA * Founder’s Church, Los Angeles, CA * Center for Spiritual Living, Seattle, WA * Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, CA


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Next week in San Diego, the ICSL Board of Directors and the UCSL CORE Council will meet face-to-face. The meeting will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, October 28 & 29, at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina. Members of the Integration Team will attend the first day of the meeting.

The agenda includes a review of the current status of the Integration Process, the timeline that has been established, work on a model for Integration that is being followed, and reviews of the upcoming Regional Meetings with Dr’s Kenn and Kathy, the Leadership Gathering in Denver, and planning for the 2011 Summer Conference.

The meeting will also focus on how the Board and CORE Council will work together going forward toward our newly integrated organization. There will be visioning and the group will take meals together during the two days.

The prayer support of everyone in our movement are requested for the highest expression of good as these meetings take place and the ensuing actions unfold.

Jim Lockard

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September 11, 2009
Dear Colleagues,
As the newly appointed Director of the Department of Education & Professionalism, I am pleased to announce some creative and positive proposals regarding our path to ministry.
At our San Diego conference in July, the Department met with Dr. Lynn Connolly and Dr. Kim Kaiser of United Centers for Spiritual Living to co-create a mutually advantageous solution to integrating our very different educational paths. It was a lively and joyful meeting, and we feel we have created something very exciting for your consideration:
Level I Holmes and the Basic Teachings of SOM
Level II Holmes and Other Voices (Troward required)
Level III Self Mastery and Personal Development (open to all who have completed I & II) required for ministerial candidates & practitioner trainees
Level IV (Open to all who have completed I & II) Advanced Classes
This has to be written, but might include 8-week units of each:
  • Science and Spirituality
  • Mythology (its influence in our culture)
  • The Roots of New Thought
  • World Religions
A ministerial candidate is required to take Level IV. Practitioners must take Level III, and then enter a year-long practicum with 6 weeks of Emerson. The practicum would be internship and practice within the home center. The ministerial path will commence with new curriculum in September 2010.
There will be two graduating classes of the new curriculum ending in 2014. This is a three-year program with the final year being regional and distance learning through regional centers we are creating, and our International Centers for Spiritual Living Ministers will be among the instructors. Tuition for this three-year program will be $15,000 US.
After 2014, when Integration is complete, all ministerial students will be required to enter Holmes Institute which likely will be revised using all of our skills and input.
Holmes Institute currently offers two identical programs, with one awarding a Masters in Consciousness to those entering with a Bachelor Degree, and a certification program for all others. In addition, our vision with United Centers for Spiritual Living is to create new regional centers and several additional Holmes Institutes. After years of study, thought, and careful consideration of our own educational system and its success rate, we are ready to take advantage of the Holmes Institute model for future training.
Our field ministers will write the new curriculum for our Interim Path to Ministry (leading up to Integration). You will be invited to share your specific area of expertise.
The advanced classes are very pleasing to United Centers for Spiritual Living as well, and will remain after Integration. This is designed to increase revenue for the centers and to offer more classes for those students who do not choose ministry.
Your students, who are beginning SOM 400 in 2009 with the current curriculum, will be tested and licensed as per our usual procedures. This is a two-year course and will not be altered after September 1, 2009.
Please call me or any of the members of the Department of Education & Professionalism for clarification or suggestions. We are very enthusiastic about this creative development and we need your support and participation.
Rev. Carol Carnes, Director
Department of Education & Professionalism
403-244-8728, ext 103
Dr. Sheila Anderson, 760-724-9170
Dr. Arleen Bump, 954-566-2868
Dr. Deborah Gordon, 250-860-3500
Dr. Maureen Hoyt, 818-363-8136
Rev. Mel Minarik, 775-787-6181


Beginning in November, Dr. Kathy Hearn, Community Spiritual Leader of United Centers for Spiritual Living and Dr. Kenn Gordon, President of International Centers for Spiritual Living will be traveling around North America holding ten regional meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to inform you about the state of the Integration Process and to hear what you have to say about it.

The schedule will be posted soon. All Centers are encouraged to send representatives to the ten locations where the regional meetings will be held. For ICSL, these meetings will replace the regular Regional Ministers’ Meetings for 2010.

Watch this space for more information as it develops.

Dr. Jim Lockard, ICSL Integration Coordinator

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Group Covenant Prayer – The Design Team (created May 2009)

Group Covenant Prayer

May 2009

There is only One Life! This Life is Good! This Life is God! This Life is my Life now! In knowing that I am ‘one’ with this Life that is God I, therefore, know that I am ‘one’ with each and every one of Its blessed expressions, which includes the beloved revelation called THE INTEGRATION OF THE CENTERS FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING.
Because I know that the highest Purpose of this Process is to glorify God, I therefore know that this Process is a revelation of God as ONENESS.
As I stand alone in this High Altar of Consciousness, I see this Process revealed before me as integrating with Grace and Love.
I participate in this Process in full cooperation and agreement with my beloved partners, knowing the Truth about myself, for
  • I AM revealing a new organization for the expanded expression of the Science of Mind in the world.
  • I AM releasing my individual attachments so the newness of Spirit manifests.
  • I AM working by consensus with open and honest communication, expressing compassion and mutual respec
  • I AM participating in the generation of regular reporting to and inviting feedback from our stakeholders in this process.
  • I AM being fully supported and financially prospered in the fulfillment of this covenant.
I know that this Process is fully supported by the Word of God, for it is written:
“I am sure your interest is in the permanency of the movement, the same as mine is, even though we are on two sides of the same coin.  Of course, I know the whole thing will come back together when the right time comes, because it is the logical thing to do, and I think, in the long run, common sense usually wins.” (Dr. Holmes to Raymond Charles Barker, quoted in OPEN AT THE TOP, by Neale Vahle)
“Because the One I love lives inside of you, I lean as close to you as I can.” ~ Hafiz
As I now accept the highest expression of this Process into my life, I know that it will be revealed in a way that will glorify God and serve the highest and greatest good of all who are touched by its unfoldment. I am grateful God is gracious. So be it now! Amen.
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________________________________            _____________
Signature                                                                                                  Date
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Message from Dr. Kenn Gordon & Dr. Kathy Hearn 8/17/2009

August 18, 2009

Beloved Colleagues and Friends,
The Integration process between International and United Centers for Spiritual Living is moving along well in an unfolding process of discovering next steps as we go along. Both of us have attended a number of meetings recently and have had the opportunity to speak about Integration at ICSL’s New Thought. New World. Conference in San Diego and UCSL’s Summer Conference at Asilomar. The groups attending the conferences were enthusiastic about the feeling of forward movement. We share that enthusiasm.
The primary leadership groups working on Integration at this time are:
  • The Integration Team, with the responsibility of communication and overseeing the Integration process to fulfillment. Members:
Dr. Candice Becket and Rev. Nirvana Gayle, Co-Chairs; Dr. Kenn Gordon, Dr. Kathy Hearn, Dr. James Lockard, Dr. John Waterhouse, Dr. Heather Clark, Dr. Roger Juline, Rev. Sandy Moore, Rev. Madalyn Wade, and Rev. Karen Weingard. Practitioners, Susan Pahnke and Jack Hall, and Laity Members, Dr. Bill Larkin and Corinne Crocket, are new additions to the team.
  • The Design Team, with the responsibility of designing the new organization. Members:
Dr. Kenn Gordon, Dr. Kathy Hearn, Dr. Candice Becket, Dr. Steve Gabrielson, Dr. Karen Kushner, Dr. James                             Lockard, Dr. Michelle Medrano, Dr. John Waterhouse, Rev. Gregory Toole, Dr. Judy Morley, and Steve Burton.
  • The Board of Directors of ICSL and CORE Council of UCSL.
These groups will be meeting together October 28 and 29 in San Diego at the Sheraton Harbor Island Hotel, which will be the site of the 2011 Leadership Gathering.
Here is a brief timeline of how we see major steps in Integration taking place:
  • February 2010 – Leadership Gathering in Denver: both organizations will present to their voting delegates, bylaw amendments in preparation for the 2011 Leadership Gathering. These amendments will be published to delegates prior to February 2010, according to the practice of each organization.
  • February 2011 – Leadership Gathering in San Diego: the new organizational design and bylaws will be submitted to delegates of each organization for voting and approval. The design and bylaws will be published prior to February 2011 according to the practice of each organization. We anticipate a very dynamic and exhilarating experience as we move to agreement about our new organization!
  • Leadership Gathering 2012:  new organizational leadership will be elected.
We feel a deep desire, as well as an organizational imperative, to communicate to our respective fields and gather input and feedback. This is on our minds, and that of all the leaders involved, as we determine next steps. We are open to your suggestions as to how this could take place and be meaningful for you and your constituencies.
The following are the communication/feedback activities planned right now, with more to follow:
  • November 2009 and January 2010: Dr. Kathy and Dr. Kenn will travel to 10 regional meetings to meet with ministers, practitioners, and laity in different parts of the country for the purposes of engaging in dialogue about Integration. We will communicate locations as soon as they are confirmed.
  • Leadership Gathering 2010: An open-space process facilitated by Dr. John Waterhouse will give the opportunity for delegates and attendees to share their visions, dreams, and ideas about our new organization.
Below is the Sacred Covenant Group Prayer created by the Design Team when it met with Rev. Marcia Sutton in Seattle for a Co-Creation Process. The Integration and Design Teams are including this Group Prayer in their daily dedicated spiritual practice. We invite you to join us!
A very beautiful thing happened in Seattle. Dr. Kenn had “just happened to find” at the ICSL office a few days before our meeting the original minutes recording when “the split” took place. Because of this find, we had before us the names of the people who were present at the meeting that day – including our beloved Ernest Holmes – each one of whom made his/her transition in subsequent years carrying whatever that day in 1954 meant.
We sang the God Song chant including each name three times, praising and raising them. We felt that past moment and act of separation come into the present moment filled with our intentions for Integration, with the revelation of wholeness across time and space. It was dramatic and healing. We are planning some time at the 2010 Leadership Gathering in Denver to do this healing work with all who are in attendance.
This is a momentous time as we work together “to reveal a new organization for the expanded expression of Science of Mind in the world.”  Thank you for sharing this time and this path with us.
With love and blessings,
Dr. Kenn Gordon and Dr. Kathy Hearn
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New Communication from Integration Team 3/13/2009

March 9, 2009

Hello to All,

Here is the second of the now regularly scheduled communications you will be receiving from the Integration Team. On our March teleconference, the following items were discussed:

1) Seeing ourselves as one organization, Dr. Kathy Hearn and Dr. Kenn Gordon are continuing to bring the integration process up at every conceivable moment (mini convo’s, regional meetings, conferences, etc.). Dr. Kenn also attended and spoke at UCSL’s Gathering, and Dr. Kathy will be again attending ICSL’s Leadership conference.

2) Both organizations have ministers list serves. We are looking into the possibility of creating a ICSL/UCSL Ministers List Serve where we may all share.

3) In last months letter it was reported that it has been determined that the ICSL/UCSL Leadership/Gathering will happen as a combined event in February 2010. During that event, there will be separate business meeting for each organization. We are looking into the possibility of opening those meetings for observation so we can see how we each conduct our annual business meeting.

4) Integration Coordinators, Dr. John Waterhouse (Asheville, NC) and Dr. Jim Lockard (Simi Valley, CA) are continuing their work to identify and bring together representatives from both organizations in each functional area. An information-gathering questionnaire has been developed and will be sent out to identify leaders in the next week. If you receive this questionnaire, please give it your attention. If you have any questions, contact Dr. Jim or Dr. John.

5) We have sent out a Request for Proposal to potential consultants that could help us with our process. They have until the end of March to respond.

6) On April 21/22, there will be a Strategic Planning Meeting. This meeting will help us map out the next 3 years goals.

Additional Notices for ICSL Ministers:

1) At the upcoming Leadership Conference there will be an opportunity on Thursday for you to have lunch with members of the Integration Team and ask any questions you may have concerning our process. Please attend or make sure a representative from your center attends.

2) Reminder: We are all invited to join the United ministers clergy council (UCOR) they are holding there convocation in Coeur D’alene, Idaho, in May of this year and Dr. Kenn is a speaker at that conference.

That’s it for this month. Remember, our target date of December 31, 2011, for full integration! Stay informed. Stay involved. We’re in this together!


Rev. Dr. Candice Becket Rev. Nirvana Gayle

Co-Chair Integration Team Co-Chair Integration Team

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