Posted by: revlockard | September 12, 2007

Hello world!

Welcome to The Visioning Bridge Weblog. We will be tracking the integration of Religious Science International and the United Centers for Spiritual Living. We seek your input – what is your highest vision for this process? What do you think that we need to be aware of as we move forward?

The Visioning Bridge Committee



  1. Wow! I am so grateful to be part of such an integral, committed and conscious organization. The leaders of Religious Science are amazing at setting an example of how I can operate in my Church and in my larger community. Thank you God for drawing me to such a divine and inspirational community. Please let me know what I can do at the field level to assist in this process.
    Peace and Blessings,
    Jill Brocklehurst, Pastor
    Island Centre for Positive Living
    Campbell River, Vancouver Island, BC

  2. I recently joined the Bonita Church of Religious Science in San Diego, California. I know little about the organization. I just know that I enjoy the people and the acceptance of all points of view. Every time I attend churce, I hear something I like and I know I want more.

    This merging of two organizations that have been separated for a long time seems like a natural thing. And, I look forward to the process, to all of us learning to accept our differences and all the things we will find we have in common within our huge new family. I imagine this will making traveling more fun as we will have more places that feel like home to visit anywhere we go.

  3. Beloved SOM cohorts..

    How can we NOT believe in a united Religious Science… As I understand it, the split came because of ADMINISTRATIVE differences… for crying out loud… aren’t WE (both factions) ABOVE the administrative differences???? Dare I say, IRAQ and the US??? both believe in a higher power, yet both feel that they must kill each other to PROVE THEIR OWN MIGHT!!! Aren’t WE ABOVE THAT??? Let us show by example that the IDEA, the THOUGHT, is powerful and mighty above the deed or the EGO???? We all believe in the same philosophy… can’t we find a way to AGREE or amicably DISAGREE on the administration and MOVE ON to the more important issue of UNIFICATION OF SPIRIT??? if Religious Scientists cannot do this then how can our government do it??? Let us set the example and show the way to peace by demonstrating peace and agreement amongst ourselves????

    For those of you who disagree with my comments, I lovingly welcome YOUR responses… let us work this out with the communication skills that we are CALLED upon to use…

    With love and warmth and deepest respect…

    Shelley Cline
    Bellingham, WA
    Bonita, CA

  4. Thank you for following this path, and bringing us to the point of being ONE!

  5. Ever since I was in practitioner training, I have been asking the question why is there more than one organization. When I learned Core Concept One stating that God is all there is, because it is the FIRST concept taught, I was befuddled as to why there was separation in a philosophy of oneness. I knew the oneness was inherent but couldn’t understand what the blockage was. While I don’t need to know much more about the history of this duality, I look forward to seeing the oneness fulfilled in religious science. After all, a global heart needs both sides pumping together in order to support its Life!
    Love and blessings, Reverend C

  6. As a new practitioner I am reminded of some old words..
    Gandi said …Be the change you wish to see.
    David Maister said… Practice what you preach.
    The Beatles said… Come together.
    and Aesop is credited for… United we stand. Divided we fall.
    Well so much new thought… but still a really great idea. Finally Patrick Henry said… Let us trust GOD and our better judgment to set us right here after.

    May we all continue to hold the process in prayer, knowing that it unfold for the highest good of all.

    Love and Blessings,
    M. Muldoon

  7. I was introduced to RS through an RSI minister and church in 1987 that my mother attended through my teenage years. I was told that UCRS and RSI had very different ideas about the structure, training, academics of learning and mentoring processes. These differences seemed valid and emense.

    I think it is beautiful and timely if these differences are ready to dissolve and the organizations are prepared to merge. I also think it’s aligned with Oneness to let differences in this physical life exist, especially if it means people are still touched by this philosophy and trainned to lead others to greater joy. Sometimes it’s our differences in opinion that need to be honored, so that different ways of teaching the same thing can be present to a greater number of people; sometimes the differences are ripe to be integrated and changed in order to more fully see the Oneness.

    I deeply trust that our leaders and those directly involved in these decisions are guided by Spirit and are making powerful, good decisions. I hold the entire experience in prayer!! Thanks you all so much.

    Many Blessings,
    Rev. Cristina Evans
    VistaCare Hospice-Spiritual Care Director
    Denver, Colorado

  8. I’m excited that the 2 shall become 1 and I am congnizant there is much to be considered.

    From the little I know of the differences between the 2 organizations, I think both need to “throw out” what they believe are the best educational tools. Basic education to the Congregation, Practitioner Training and Licensing, and Ministerial Training, Licensing and Ordination all have the same goals but different means of getting there. Who is qualified to teach what, how long is the course of study, college education requirements, and ethics codes are just a few of the topics to be resolved.

    My prayer is the best of both organizations will be pooled and something even more powerful will emerge.

    UCRS just removed Religious Science from their name to become UCSL. It will be interesting to see how this is resolved. What new name will emerge? In honor of the Founder I hope Religious Science or Science of Mind will re-emerge in a form palatable to all.

    I look forward to seeing the emergence of a united SOM organization embracing the blessings of diversity.

    Virginia Older
    UCSL Pracitioner on Leave of Absence
    Northern CA

  9. I would like to think that it is not about eliminating differences but of accomodating and celebrating differences. God did not create only one kind of flower, or one kind of tree, and to make a great garden one must choose different plants that will complement and fit together.

    I’m sure we can fit together and still leave room for the colors and shapes of our ideas.

    I think we must compliment the vision and the maturity of our leadership on both sides at this time.

  10. Ernest would be proud…
    As a matter of fact, I suspect he is.

    Yea Team!


    Dennis Merritt Jones
    Simi Valley, OneSpirit Center

  11. I am so delighted to know that RSI and UCSL will be coming togather. I started out in RSI one gloomy October day in 1989, when in a moment of desperation I dialed a “wrong” number and got the Princeton NJ Center for Creative Living on the phone. They welcomed me and told me that “yes” there is a better way to live. I had excellent teachers, my life began to work. I moved to Florida 11 years ago and continued my studies, becoming a Practitioner. Two years ago I moved my license to a UCSL church closer to my home so I could better serve my community. UCSL welcomed me like a long lost friend. These two beautiful organizations are like family to me. I rejoice that we will act as one to better serve the world, the time has come. The world community is crying out for our help, our united help. Love Ginny Panek RcSP

  12. I am delighted and excited by this process. The Integration Team is paving the way for a greater expression of Science of Mind in this beautiful world. You are an outstanding group, representing outstanding people at an important time in our history.

    Like all beautiful things it will take time to grow and flourish. Good things are worth waiting for. Thanks to all of you for participating in creating this new vision.
    Peace and Blessings,
    Toronto CRS

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