Posted by: revlockard | March 12, 2008


Hello –

Jim Lockard here. I am writing this from the RSI Ministers Conference in Morristown, NJ on March 12. Over the past two days, there have been dialogues involving our ministers, Dr, Kenn Gordon, RSI President, and Dr. Kathy Hearn, UCSL Community Spiritual Leader. An additional dialogue process was held yesterday facilitated by Rev. Carole Carnes and Rev. Chris Michaels who have served both organizations.

Last week, I joined Dr. Kenn and his wife, Rev. Deb Gordon in Kansas City at UCSL’s Gathering, where similar dialogues were held. Both events are important steps in our historical process toward Integration into a single Religious Science Organization. We also met with Rev. Deborah Johnson, who is our consultant/guide in the process.

The Visioning Bridge Committee, consisting of members of both organizations, will now be known as the Integration Team as we go forward. This change of name represents a shift in the primary activitiese of the committee from visioning and planning to strategic planning and coordination. Of course, visioning will continue to be an integral part of what we do, and the process iteself will still be referred to as Visioning Bridge. 

Representative questions that came from the Gathering and from the RSI Ministers are posted on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. This will serve as a guide to what is on everyone’s mind. Some of the questions have answers now, others (probably most) will be answered as we go forward. Your comments are encouraged, as are your prayer-treatments for all of us as this process moves forward.

Love and Light,

Jim Lockard, Integration Team


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