Posted by: revlockard | April 15, 2008


Here are some important actions taken at the Ministers Convo in Mexico last week – thanks to Dr. John Waterhouse for making them available to us.

The following are excerpts from an email sent out on Friday, April 11 to UCSL ministers:

News from CONVO 2008 – Monterrey, Mexico

Thursday afternoon CONVO participants focused on UCORS and CONVO business.  We began with a visioning to reveal what we are called to achieve with CONVO 2010.  The visioning was followed by a vote on site selection.  The results were clear; a vast majority chose to gather with RSI Ministers at Asilomar in March of that year with the understanding that the gathering is exclusively for RSI and UCSL ministers and that one program will be developed by a team of RSI ministers and UCORS Clergy Council.

Our last piece of business involved an amendment to add language to the UCORS Bylaws. 

The Clergy Council recommended the follow addition (words underlined): 


A.      MEMBERSHIP:  All Ordained, Licensed, and Provisional Ministers of United Centers for Spiritual Living (United Church of Religious Science), here-in-after called UCSL, and Ministers of equivalent status within Religious Science International who are active, retired, or between assignments, are eligible for full voting membership in UCORS. 

The amendment was moved and seconded.  The discussion that followed was thoughtful and sincere and there were vast differences of opinion as to whether or not this was an appropriate action for us to take.  As the conversation took its course, there was a powerful shift in consciousness and a consensus emerged.  When the vote was taken, all agreed in principle that the amendment was worthy and passed with only on abstaining vote.  How this change in our organizational structure will affect us in the future is yet to be revealed, however this expression toward integration caused many to feel confident that our action would yield meaningful and valued results.

The newly elected Clergy Council officers for 2008-09 were announced as follows: 

President – Doug Foglesong

Vice President – Cindy Middendorf

Secretary – Cheri Jensen

Treasurer – Kathleen Vogt

I trust this is helpful!

Blessings abound!


Rev. Dr. John B. Waterhouse


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