Posted by: revlockard | May 17, 2008

Comment from Rev. Dutchess Dale

To: John Waterhouse <>

> Subject: The Bridge

> From: Duchess Dale <>

> Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 14:58:55 -0700

> Hi John,

> Yesterday, I was thrilled to have attended the RSI Regional meeting

> here in So. Cal.

> WOW.

> Suffice to say, the bridge is built and folks are crossing it happily.

> Although, I must admit it ‘feels’ as if the RSI folks are slightly

> ahead of the pack with their implementation towards the branding and

> actual integration. Realizing that UCSL has a lot on it’s plate now

> with our own transformation and literal move, I trust that the

> significance of what is taking place will filter down to the rank and

> file.

> Many times throughout the meeting yesterday, you could feel the

> collective held-breath and collective choked-up energy. Many people

> there were so fah klempt and said there were times that they thought

> they would never see this day happen.

> Gulp.

> The joint conference upcoming in Sept. this year, is of course, going

> to be huge to say the least. I do hope and shall trust that our UCSL

> folks will rally there every way they can.

> Mostly what I wanted to say in this already too long-winded note, is

> how proud I am of the work being done–particularly through the

> intention & consciousness of UCORS. When the Convocation amendment

> was read there was a gasp and a hush of realization. It was then that

> I gave thanks that the current executive body was who it was

> (is) at UCORS for this transmission. If you would be so kind as to

> share that with the Cabinet, too.

> Thanks.

 With love, peace and In Joy

> DD

> “Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave

> the rest to God.”

> Rev. Duchess Dale



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