Posted by: revlockard | August 8, 2008


At the Congress of the 2008 Asilomar Conference, on July 30th, Religious Science International changed its name to International Centers for Spiritual Living. The motion was made by Rev. Joe Hooper of the Center for Spiritual Living in Palm Desert, CA, and was approved by acclaimation.

A second motion, also by Rev. Hooper, empowered the International Centers for Spiritual Living Board of Directors to pursue and enter into an agreement to integrate with United Centers for Spiritual Living.

A very historic day in our final summer conference at Asilomar.

Jim Lockard



  1. A very historic day indeed. I was the exchange speaker at the UCSL Asilomare experience, and when I walked out onto the stage, went center stage and said the following:
    “I have been given a charge from our president to share with you this……WE LOVE YOU…and bowed, clasped hands in a namaste’ position”.

    This was received with a roar and thunderous applause.

    I shared a story in my talk about an experience I had on a worksite in Malawi, of transcending old ideas/beliefs, letting go of the past and embracing the new…hand to hand, heart to heart, soul to soul….I used this analogy (actually of ramming with a Malawian partner breaking bricks into gravel) to illustrate my beliefs of where we are in this process. Our brotha/sistuh organization received this message with love and in such a state of readyness, I was, and am overwhelmed.

    I am so excited about what lies ahead. This past summer youth seminar, we had 7 teens and one adult/advisor from UCLS, and 2 teens from a Unity Center.
    A new day has dawned in our organization. I want us to take a moment and stand in gratitude for everyone who has laid the groundwork for this magnificent unfolding.

    In gratitude, in celebration, in anticipation, IN SPIRIT.

    Ya brotha..

    Keith Cox

  2. I feel that the word Spirituality need to replace word Religion to bring more peace and harmony into the world. i am the organising secretary of thr India’s 1st National Conference on Spiritual Science in2007. next one is in december.

  3. I was in attendance (my 20th Asilomar), and couldn’t have been more pleased. One thing that was not mentioned in all of this- at least not publicly- is the “grass roots” nature of the change. For as long as I’ve been in RSI, most lay persons have been in favor of such changes. I salute the leadership that demonstrated the vision and the courage to make this happen. I also wish to acknowledge the strong foundation of support that lay persons thrououghout the country have slowly built up over the years. Truly it can be said that we have heard each other, and we are ONE like never before!

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