Posted by: revlockard | August 21, 2008

Letter from Rev. Nirvana to UCSL Ministers Re: 9/11&12 Meeting

Hello my dear friends and colleagues.  As you already know on September 11 & 12, 2008 we’re having a momentous gathering, an Integration Summit between United Centers for Spiritual Living and the newly crowned International Centers for Spiritual Living (formerly RSI).  This will be the first time that the two major religious science organizations will be coming together in close to fifty years.  This is a time of rejoicing, celebration, reconciliation, rejuvenation and profound dancing of the soul.


For so long we have been suffering under the delusion that we are separate.  Talking a good game of oneness and inclusivity to the world and the unity of all under/in/as God and yet within our own household practicing separation and exclusion.  So, while the world saw us as one and never made any distinctions between the two organizations, we continued to hold on to faulty notions of separation for stuff none of us in the present generation of religious scientist even know about.  It was this sense of separation within our own ranks that retarded and stifled our growth and development into the “next great impulsion of the ages.” 


Our coming together in these wonderful times represents our willingness to step up and claim our destiny as that space that calls forth the unity of all humankind and the oneness of all creation.  We are a religion, teaching, philosophy and cosmology that embraces all faiths and traditions as branches of the One Power and Presence within which we all move, breathe and have our being.  So it is imperative that we stand in the glory of the unity we are calling for in the world.  To truly have a world that works for everyone we must at least be a world that works for/with one another. 


How often do we parrot the words “be the change you want to see?”  If we want a world that is reflective of the oneness, unity, inclusiveness, love, peace, joy, harmony, freedom, forgiveness, reconciliation and creativity we truly know it to be, then we must first demonstrate that in our own dealings with one another.  I am moved to tears that we are finally dancing in celebration with one another in God and that September 11, is our coming out party.  How significant is that?  We get to reframe and requalify that date from one of fear, suffering and mourning to one of great love, oneness and celebration.  WOW!


So I invite you to be part of history, to be part of the legacy that ends 50 years of foolish feuding and stand for the truth we are ordained to be.  Come play with us as we get to know one another look into each others eyes and share our joys, triumphs, concerns, worries, tenderness, visions, sorrows, laughter and playful desires.  Lend your voice, your soul, the essence of your being to the soulful grooves of God singing in delight as all of us and watch as the world picks up that tune to join in this magical choir of the spheres.


All my love,


Nirvana G


Rev. Nirvana Reginald Gayle

Co-Chair, UCSL/ICSL Integration Team



  1. Beautiful letter, Rev. Nirvana!

    The Sept 11 & 12 meeting at the LAX Marriott is a chance for us to meet one another and get to know one another more fully. I am excited at the prospects for this Integration process!

    Jim Lockard
    Westlake Village, CA

  2. Rev. Nirvana.

    Thank you my dear brother for such a beautifully written and executed communication. I dearly appreciate feeling your heart expressed here, as well as your wisdom.

    This coming together is definitely an outpicturing of many, many, many conscious intentions set in motion by numerous “New Thoughtonians” and anticipated for quite some time.

    I look forward to sharing in this celebration and consciously moving into a more integrated conscios expression of our teaching, and surrendering to the disintegration of the past.

    In love, in gratitude, in anticipation, IN SPIRIT.

    Keith Cox
    Los Angeles
    Chairperson Youth Seminars

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