Posted by: revlockard | September 4, 2008

Letter from Rev Nirvana re: 9/11 & 12 Meeting

4 September 2008



My Dearest Friends & Colleagues,


As I received the list of the attendees who have signed up to attend our joint UCSL/ICSL Integration Summit, we have roughly 160 from each organization and over 330 total, the magnitude and significance of this is hitting on another level and flooding my emotions.  What a glorious time this is.  As I glanced at the list of attendees, I blessed each one of them and I became overwhelmed with tears.  This is going to be magical, one heck of a celebration, a real party.  I am profoundly grateful for your participation in honoring the sacredness and awesome celebration of this moment. I thank all of you who have signed up to be part of this historical occasion and I am so jazzed and enthusiastic about seeing and playing with you next week.


For those of you, who are not able to attend for whatever reason, please hold all of us in your heart and prayers.  Please connect with us in consciousness and be present with your support, energy, love and prayers.  In this way we are able to be far more expansive in our inclusiveness of everyone who so desires to be part of this celebration whether physically present or not.  We all know that there is only One Mind, and what is know anywhere in that Mind is known everywhere in that Mind.  So in truth, everyone who wants to be there is actually there whether in the physical or the invisible.  Since there is no time and space, I know that Ernie is smiling down upon us and resting with greater piece to see his family back together again.


In addition, everyone please engage your congregations and communities at your Sunday services to participate with us in consciousness.  Please include us in your Sunday prayers.  As I said once before, this is not a meeting that is investigating or exploring whether we want to come together.  We have already made the decision to come together and this meeting is just about getting to know our new extended family first hand, break bread together and dance in the joy. 


I feel so grateful, honored and blessed to be part of this and to have share this time with each and every one of you.  Thank you for dancing with me in this great musical of our souls.


All my love,



Rev. Nirvana Reginald Gayle

Co-Chair, Vision Bridge/Integration Team




  1. Thank you, Rev. Nirvana, for calling all angels at this auspicious time! We, too, are very excited about the integration of our movement and our planet. Let’s also bless the traffic pathways and weather for the 11th and 12th so that all planes and vehicles arrive in perfect divine order, and we all “get to the church/Marriott on time”!

    See you all next Thursday!

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