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By Dr. Jim Lockard, Integration Team:

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday we concluded the two day meeting between ICSL & UCSL at the LAX Marriott Hotel. The energy was electric and the harmony was evident as ministers and other leaders from spiritual communities came together to have a conversation to get to know one another better. The meeting was attended by more than 350 people, with both organizations almost evenly represented.

We were updated by representatives of ICSL & UCSL on the Integration Process, Organizational Structure, Educational programs, and Branding. Then we did interactive processes to get to know each other better – who are we? what are our highest aspirations for Integration? what are our concerns & anxieties? This information will be posted soon – the event was recorded by a stenographer and many photos were taken.

We had meals together, visioned together, heard examples of entities that are already integrating, and we prayed and sang together.

Send in your comments if you were there, or your questions if you weren’t.

Next steps include an educational summit in November and a soon-to-be scheduled conferences & events  summit. The functional areas  will begin to come together as we move forward. We will begin to share more presenters at conferences beginning in 2009 – so there is lots to do, lots to share, and lots to be grateful for.

Thanks to everyone who made this historic meeting such a great success and loving experience.

Love and Light,

Jim Lockard



  1. Jim: Thanks so much for your participation in a glorious summit. Folks at the High Desert CSL in Albuquerque, New Mexico would like to see all of the powerpoint shows, either printed to .pdf like the handouts we DID receive, or in electronic format. If those items could be posted here in a downloadable format, that would be great. I am also very interested in reviewing your presentation regarding branding…..because I think it is fabulous and I would like to continue to learn about it.

    Namaste and blessings,
    Kimberella of Albuquerque
    Proud Integration Summit Participant

  2. This is the e-mail from Rev. John B. Waterhouse, who was in attendance at the Integration Summit
    He has graciously authorized me to share it here.

    Hello Again Beloveds,
    So, our Integration Summit is complete. And for me, the experience was deeply affirming of our intention to be one organization representing the Science of Mind teaching in the world.
    Following a wonderful breakfast, Rev. Deborah Johnson prayed us in and invited everyone into a chamber of prayer in which a clear and affirming blessing of peace and safety was known for all who are facing the path of Hurricane Ike.
    Out task for the morning was to vision on our integration process and bring forth representations of color and form recorded on letter-sized sheets of card stock. Amazing images immerged representing myriad expressions of love, newness, birth and untold others, all of which came forth from our collective endeavor. The sharing that followed was delightfully heartfelt and again the energy in the room was palpable with an extraordinary sense of our Oneness.
    We ended the Summit with four presentations on inspirational collaborations between ICSL and UCSL. Rev. David Alexander, Joe Murray (UCSL Youth Community Leader), and Rev. Keith Cox, Director, ICSL Youth Seminars spoke of the historic UCRS/RSI Youth Gathering in 2000 that is still the largest unified gathering of both organizations to date. They then shared their plans for a 10 year reunion to be called “RSOui (pronounced RS-WE)!” Very Cool.
    Rev. Jim Terrell, introduced an ICSL ministerial studies graduate (who’s name I cannot remember). She was the first UCSL Practitioner admitted into RSI ministerial studies. Rev. Jim called her education the product of a “Hybrid” ICSL/UCSL curriculum.
    Rev. Doug Foglesong, with the support of Rev. Cindy Middendorf and Rev. Beverly Lee Branom explained how UCORS is now the professional organization for all Religious Science Ministers and invited ministers who were not already members to join today.
    Then Barbara and I went on stage and I asked everyone to be in collaboration with one another by knowing together everyday that we are all in one organization and that this is the preeminent organization bringing Science of Mind to the world. I shared that my process is to be at peace regarding the speed with which this happens organizationally and that I could no longer function with a line between me and any community that seeks to be a part of this quest.
    I expressed my deep and abiding love for UCSL and for everyone who is affiliated with our spiritual organization. I thanked Dr. Kathy Hearn for her invaluable counsel, then asked Dr. Ken Gordon to come onto the stage to receive our community’s application for membership in International Centers for Spiritual Living.
    Following an uproarious response, I explained that there were some non-negotiable conditions with regard to our application:
    1. Our community will maintain in fully covenanted and good standing status with UCSL,
    2. Barbara and I will continue to be recognized UCSL licensed ministers as well as newly licensed ministers with ICSL,
    3. Our community will in no way reduce our financial support for UCSL, but will match that ongoing support dollar-for-dollar to ICSL, and
    4. I will attend all UCSL and ICSL Gatherings until we are one organization. (I did not ask Barbara to commit to this one).
    If our application is accepted, our new status will create several interesting outcomes:
    1. For the first time one community will hold simultaneous affiliations with UCSL and ICSL, affording the opportunity for all ministers and practitioners of that community to hold dual licenses,
    2. For the first time, a minister licensed through ICSL will sit on UCSL’s CORE Council, and
    3. I will be able to report to you, my colleagues in UCSL, all that I am learning about ICSL’s culture.
    How could this be anything but useful as we move closer and closer to our realization of oneness? At least this is my intention and desire.
    So here we go, my beloveds, out into the unknown… And still, all there is is GOD!
    I Love You All!
    Rev. Dr. John B. Waterhouse
    Center for Creative Living
    Two Science of Mind Way
    Asheville, NC 28806
    Living and Teaching the Science of Mind

  3. Another post from Rev. John B. Waterhouse:

    Reflections on Integration
    Monday, 14 September 2008

    Certain ideas that were shared during and after the Integration Summit are still churning in me, so as promised; I’m going to begin sharing some of those thoughts with you now.

    After hearing Dr. Kenn Gordon’s presentation Thursday afternoon on ICSL’s organizational structure I was getting a clearer sense of the differences in leadership style between ICSL and UCSL. ICSL is not only led by its ministers, but is largely managed by them as well. Yes, ICSL has 10 full-time employees in their Spokane office, but of their 450 active ministers, more than 245 of them contribute their time, energy and talents as volunteer committee members participating in the direction of virtually every aspect of the organization.

    There just doesn’t seem to be a sense of expectation that “the organization” will do or not do anything. If a minister or practitioner needs information or action, they don’t call Spokane; they contact the field minister who oversees that committee/department. This seems to nullify any sense of having an “us and them” mindset within the organizational structure. Perhaps this speaks to our guiding principle which states, “…our leadership involves as many as possible in service to the vision and continually cultivates more leaders.”

    In another presentation ICSL Vice President, Dr. Karen Kushner while explaining how licensing and credentials are established within ICSL, shared that ICSL Practitioners are not authorized to teach classes. I could feel the impact that information had in the room, likely because so many UCSL communities have practitioners who teach classes. It doesn’t take much reflection to get that ICSL will be moving into a higher level of practitioner involvement as teachers of our principles as the natural evolution within the Integration Process.

    I’m getting a strong sense that both organizations are going to be very good for one another in and through this process.

    Blessings to you all!


    Rev. Dr. John B. Waterhouse
    One Science of Mind Way
    Asheville, NC 28806-1444

    Living and Teaching the Science of Mind

  4. Why have there been no updates? I cant imagine nothing is happening in this process, just think if your start a blog to keep people updated, it ought to be updated. I am sure everyone is busy, maybe you all just forgot?

    Peace and BLessing

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