Posted by: revlockard | December 6, 2008

A QUICK UPDATE – 12/6/2008

Hello Everyone:

I apologize for the lack of updates on this blog since our historic Integration Summit in September. I have moved to a new center, and, well, the time has flown.

I will give a quick update now, and get back later in the week with a more complete report.

I have to begin with a statement of loss. ICSL’s beloved Dr. Jeffrey Proctor, the Director of Education and Spiritual Leader of the Center for Spiritual Living, Baltimore, made his transition on December 3rd at the age of 48. We will all miss Jeffrey, who exemplified our teaching lived from a place of great compassion.

So here is what is/has happened:

1. The Integration Team met at the conclusion of the Summit in LA on September 12 to review the meeting and plan next steps.

2. The first of the functional areas to meet was education. An Education Summit was held in LA during US Thanksgiving week. Rev. Deborah Johnson facilitated the process. The Summit set the stage for the development of an integration plan for one of our most critical areas. Dr. Jeffrey was preparing the report for the Summit, so that will need to be done by others, which may result in a delay in posting the report to this site.

3. The Integration Team met at Guidance Church in LA on December 3rd. We are developing a set of intentions to be used by all of the functional areas as they meet. There is already a template developed to guide the members of each functional area through the initial integration conversations and into strategic planning. The team is also planning another General Summit for next Fall in a location to be named.

4. A Conference and Events Summit will be held in Golden, CO, on January 13-15. The plan is to emerge from that meeting with a proposal for a new conference and events schedule to serve our integrated organization beginning in 20011. The group has already visioned and had initial conversations by telephone. In the meantime, everyone is invited to all conferences and events beginning right now!

Please send your comments, questions, and suggestions – they will be posted to the blog and answered where possible. This process is moving forward with the full  support of both organizations. Spirit is in action.

Love and Light,

Jim Lockard,

Integration Team


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