Posted by: revlockard | March 14, 2009

New Communication from Integration Team 3/13/2009

March 9, 2009

Hello to All,

Here is the second of the now regularly scheduled communications you will be receiving from the Integration Team. On our March teleconference, the following items were discussed:

1) Seeing ourselves as one organization, Dr. Kathy Hearn and Dr. Kenn Gordon are continuing to bring the integration process up at every conceivable moment (mini convo’s, regional meetings, conferences, etc.). Dr. Kenn also attended and spoke at UCSL’s Gathering, and Dr. Kathy will be again attending ICSL’s Leadership conference.

2) Both organizations have ministers list serves. We are looking into the possibility of creating a ICSL/UCSL Ministers List Serve where we may all share.

3) In last months letter it was reported that it has been determined that the ICSL/UCSL Leadership/Gathering will happen as a combined event in February 2010. During that event, there will be separate business meeting for each organization. We are looking into the possibility of opening those meetings for observation so we can see how we each conduct our annual business meeting.

4) Integration Coordinators, Dr. John Waterhouse (Asheville, NC) and Dr. Jim Lockard (Simi Valley, CA) are continuing their work to identify and bring together representatives from both organizations in each functional area. An information-gathering questionnaire has been developed and will be sent out to identify leaders in the next week. If you receive this questionnaire, please give it your attention. If you have any questions, contact Dr. Jim or Dr. John.

5) We have sent out a Request for Proposal to potential consultants that could help us with our process. They have until the end of March to respond.

6) On April 21/22, there will be a Strategic Planning Meeting. This meeting will help us map out the next 3 years goals.

Additional Notices for ICSL Ministers:

1) At the upcoming Leadership Conference there will be an opportunity on Thursday for you to have lunch with members of the Integration Team and ask any questions you may have concerning our process. Please attend or make sure a representative from your center attends.

2) Reminder: We are all invited to join the United ministers clergy council (UCOR) they are holding there convocation in Coeur D’alene, Idaho, in May of this year and Dr. Kenn is a speaker at that conference.

That’s it for this month. Remember, our target date of December 31, 2011, for full integration! Stay informed. Stay involved. We’re in this together!


Rev. Dr. Candice Becket Rev. Nirvana Gayle

Co-Chair Integration Team Co-Chair Integration Team


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