Posted by: revlockard | August 18, 2009

Group Covenant Prayer – The Design Team (created May 2009)

Group Covenant Prayer

May 2009

There is only One Life! This Life is Good! This Life is God! This Life is my Life now! In knowing that I am ‘one’ with this Life that is God I, therefore, know that I am ‘one’ with each and every one of Its blessed expressions, which includes the beloved revelation called THE INTEGRATION OF THE CENTERS FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING.
Because I know that the highest Purpose of this Process is to glorify God, I therefore know that this Process is a revelation of God as ONENESS.
As I stand alone in this High Altar of Consciousness, I see this Process revealed before me as integrating with Grace and Love.
I participate in this Process in full cooperation and agreement with my beloved partners, knowing the Truth about myself, for
  • I AM revealing a new organization for the expanded expression of the Science of Mind in the world.
  • I AM releasing my individual attachments so the newness of Spirit manifests.
  • I AM working by consensus with open and honest communication, expressing compassion and mutual respec
  • I AM participating in the generation of regular reporting to and inviting feedback from our stakeholders in this process.
  • I AM being fully supported and financially prospered in the fulfillment of this covenant.
I know that this Process is fully supported by the Word of God, for it is written:
“I am sure your interest is in the permanency of the movement, the same as mine is, even though we are on two sides of the same coin.  Of course, I know the whole thing will come back together when the right time comes, because it is the logical thing to do, and I think, in the long run, common sense usually wins.” (Dr. Holmes to Raymond Charles Barker, quoted in OPEN AT THE TOP, by Neale Vahle)
“Because the One I love lives inside of you, I lean as close to you as I can.” ~ Hafiz
As I now accept the highest expression of this Process into my life, I know that it will be revealed in a way that will glorify God and serve the highest and greatest good of all who are touched by its unfoldment. I am grateful God is gracious. So be it now! Amen.
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