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Message from Dr. Kenn Gordon & Dr. Kathy Hearn 8/17/2009

August 18, 2009

Beloved Colleagues and Friends,
The Integration process between International and United Centers for Spiritual Living is moving along well in an unfolding process of discovering next steps as we go along. Both of us have attended a number of meetings recently and have had the opportunity to speak about Integration at ICSL’s New Thought. New World. Conference in San Diego and UCSL’s Summer Conference at Asilomar. The groups attending the conferences were enthusiastic about the feeling of forward movement. We share that enthusiasm.
The primary leadership groups working on Integration at this time are:
  • The Integration Team, with the responsibility of communication and overseeing the Integration process to fulfillment. Members:
Dr. Candice Becket and Rev. Nirvana Gayle, Co-Chairs; Dr. Kenn Gordon, Dr. Kathy Hearn, Dr. James Lockard, Dr. John Waterhouse, Dr. Heather Clark, Dr. Roger Juline, Rev. Sandy Moore, Rev. Madalyn Wade, and Rev. Karen Weingard. Practitioners, Susan Pahnke and Jack Hall, and Laity Members, Dr. Bill Larkin and Corinne Crocket, are new additions to the team.
  • The Design Team, with the responsibility of designing the new organization. Members:
Dr. Kenn Gordon, Dr. Kathy Hearn, Dr. Candice Becket, Dr. Steve Gabrielson, Dr. Karen Kushner, Dr. James                             Lockard, Dr. Michelle Medrano, Dr. John Waterhouse, Rev. Gregory Toole, Dr. Judy Morley, and Steve Burton.
  • The Board of Directors of ICSL and CORE Council of UCSL.
These groups will be meeting together October 28 and 29 in San Diego at the Sheraton Harbor Island Hotel, which will be the site of the 2011 Leadership Gathering.
Here is a brief timeline of how we see major steps in Integration taking place:
  • February 2010 – Leadership Gathering in Denver: both organizations will present to their voting delegates, bylaw amendments in preparation for the 2011 Leadership Gathering. These amendments will be published to delegates prior to February 2010, according to the practice of each organization.
  • February 2011 – Leadership Gathering in San Diego: the new organizational design and bylaws will be submitted to delegates of each organization for voting and approval. The design and bylaws will be published prior to February 2011 according to the practice of each organization. We anticipate a very dynamic and exhilarating experience as we move to agreement about our new organization!
  • Leadership Gathering 2012:  new organizational leadership will be elected.
We feel a deep desire, as well as an organizational imperative, to communicate to our respective fields and gather input and feedback. This is on our minds, and that of all the leaders involved, as we determine next steps. We are open to your suggestions as to how this could take place and be meaningful for you and your constituencies.
The following are the communication/feedback activities planned right now, with more to follow:
  • November 2009 and January 2010: Dr. Kathy and Dr. Kenn will travel to 10 regional meetings to meet with ministers, practitioners, and laity in different parts of the country for the purposes of engaging in dialogue about Integration. We will communicate locations as soon as they are confirmed.
  • Leadership Gathering 2010: An open-space process facilitated by Dr. John Waterhouse will give the opportunity for delegates and attendees to share their visions, dreams, and ideas about our new organization.
Below is the Sacred Covenant Group Prayer created by the Design Team when it met with Rev. Marcia Sutton in Seattle for a Co-Creation Process. The Integration and Design Teams are including this Group Prayer in their daily dedicated spiritual practice. We invite you to join us!
A very beautiful thing happened in Seattle. Dr. Kenn had “just happened to find” at the ICSL office a few days before our meeting the original minutes recording when “the split” took place. Because of this find, we had before us the names of the people who were present at the meeting that day – including our beloved Ernest Holmes – each one of whom made his/her transition in subsequent years carrying whatever that day in 1954 meant.
We sang the God Song chant including each name three times, praising and raising them. We felt that past moment and act of separation come into the present moment filled with our intentions for Integration, with the revelation of wholeness across time and space. It was dramatic and healing. We are planning some time at the 2010 Leadership Gathering in Denver to do this healing work with all who are in attendance.
This is a momentous time as we work together “to reveal a new organization for the expanded expression of Science of Mind in the world.”  Thank you for sharing this time and this path with us.
With love and blessings,
Dr. Kenn Gordon and Dr. Kathy Hearn

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