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September 11, 2009
Dear Colleagues,
As the newly appointed Director of the Department of Education & Professionalism, I am pleased to announce some creative and positive proposals regarding our path to ministry.
At our San Diego conference in July, the Department met with Dr. Lynn Connolly and Dr. Kim Kaiser of United Centers for Spiritual Living to co-create a mutually advantageous solution to integrating our very different educational paths. It was a lively and joyful meeting, and we feel we have created something very exciting for your consideration:
Level I Holmes and the Basic Teachings of SOM
Level II Holmes and Other Voices (Troward required)
Level III Self Mastery and Personal Development (open to all who have completed I & II) required for ministerial candidates & practitioner trainees
Level IV (Open to all who have completed I & II) Advanced Classes
This has to be written, but might include 8-week units of each:
  • Science and Spirituality
  • Mythology (its influence in our culture)
  • The Roots of New Thought
  • World Religions
A ministerial candidate is required to take Level IV. Practitioners must take Level III, and then enter a year-long practicum with 6 weeks of Emerson. The practicum would be internship and practice within the home center. The ministerial path will commence with new curriculum in September 2010.
There will be two graduating classes of the new curriculum ending in 2014. This is a three-year program with the final year being regional and distance learning through regional centers we are creating, and our International Centers for Spiritual Living Ministers will be among the instructors. Tuition for this three-year program will be $15,000 US.
After 2014, when Integration is complete, all ministerial students will be required to enter Holmes Institute which likely will be revised using all of our skills and input.
Holmes Institute currently offers two identical programs, with one awarding a Masters in Consciousness to those entering with a Bachelor Degree, and a certification program for all others. In addition, our vision with United Centers for Spiritual Living is to create new regional centers and several additional Holmes Institutes. After years of study, thought, and careful consideration of our own educational system and its success rate, we are ready to take advantage of the Holmes Institute model for future training.
Our field ministers will write the new curriculum for our Interim Path to Ministry (leading up to Integration). You will be invited to share your specific area of expertise.
The advanced classes are very pleasing to United Centers for Spiritual Living as well, and will remain after Integration. This is designed to increase revenue for the centers and to offer more classes for those students who do not choose ministry.
Your students, who are beginning SOM 400 in 2009 with the current curriculum, will be tested and licensed as per our usual procedures. This is a two-year course and will not be altered after September 1, 2009.
Please call me or any of the members of the Department of Education & Professionalism for clarification or suggestions. We are very enthusiastic about this creative development and we need your support and participation.
Rev. Carol Carnes, Director
Department of Education & Professionalism
403-244-8728, ext 103
Dr. Sheila Anderson, 760-724-9170
Dr. Arleen Bump, 954-566-2868
Dr. Deborah Gordon, 250-860-3500
Dr. Maureen Hoyt, 818-363-8136
Rev. Mel Minarik, 775-787-6181


  1. This sounds like a very good plan. Thanks for your efforts on this. The only thing that makes me a little sad is the high cost of ministerial training, though I expect it is comparable or less than college degree costs.

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