Posted by: revlockard | October 30, 2009

Historic Meetings in San Diego Completed 10/29/2009


The historic meetings between the ICSL Board of Directors and the UCSL CORE Council with the Transformation Team are now complete. We met at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina, the site of the 2009 ICSL Summer Conference.

Among the items on the agenda:

  • Completion of a process begun in July using materials from Stephen Gomes, a consultant.
  • Connection between the Board and CORE Council, as we set the tone for how we will serve in leadership of our respective organizations as we move toward Integration.
  • Creation of  Guiding Principles and a “Breakthrough Value Declaration” to guide the process.
  • Review of the Integration Process to date, and establishment of a timeline and functional modules and staffing of those modules.
  • Review of the content and planning for the upcoming Regional Meetings in November and Jan-Feb.
  • Review of the planning for the 2010 Leadership Gathering in Denver (Feb 15-19) featuring open business meetings for both organizations.
  • Review of the planning for the 2010 summer conferences (ICSL in Chicago & UCSL at Asilomar). The decision was made to cross-market the conferences and feature conference chairs and presenters from both organizations at both conferences.
  • The attendees gave input for the planning of the 2011 summer conference schedule.
  • A plan was developed for future meetings of the Board and CORE Council, who will meet at least twice each year.

The meetings were very positive. We are building trust and getting to know one another. As a part of the process, we created a “Breakthrough Values Declaration” jointly. The statement is to guide us through the Integration Process. Here is the statement:

Though our commitment to Oneness and

the practice of Spiritual Living,

we touch and transform 100 million lives worldwide by 2017.

This statement will be presented at the Regional Meetings (see earlier post for schedule) along with other materials developed during the meetings.

The CORE Council and the Board of Directors also ratified the proposed timeline and module alignment developed by The Design Team. Those documents are available for view under documents.

The members of the Integration Team who are not currently serving on the Board or CORE Council attend the meetings on Wednesday. The work that they began in June 2003, as the Visioning Bridge Committee is coming to full fruition.

If you are interested in serving on any of the design module teams, contact a Design Team representative.

Also, please give your feedback to this blog or through any and all available communications channels.

With deep gratitude and respect,

Jim Lockard


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