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A Message from Dr’s Kenn & Kathy Re: Regional Meeting Results

Beloved Colleagues,

            I am sending this on behalf of Dr. Kenn Gordon (who is already in Australia for the Parliament) and myself, to give you a brief update on the first Integration Regional Meetings that took place November 5, 6 and 7, 2009.  

We visited Mile Hi in Denver, The Bodhi Center in Chicago and the Center for Spiritual Living in Morristown, New Jersey.  Approximately 140 people attended the meetings traveling not only from the Denver, Chicago and Morristown areas but also New York City, Atlanta, and Rhode Island.  Seven other Regional Meetings are planned for January/February 2010 (schedule at end of this message.)

            Dr. Kenn and I are traveling to the various centers in order to bring information about the current status of Integration to the people of both our organizations and to engage in dialogue about Integration.  Our primary intentions are to include the people of ICSL and UCSL in the process and to make ourselves available for comments, questions, concerns, guidance and requests.  We acknowledged in all three meetings that while we had much to share, our real interest was in knowing what people wanted to hear and to ask and how they wanted to participate. 

Attendees were given handouts which included:

–       the Group Covenant Prayer

–       the “Statement of Principles  and Memorandum of Understanding” from the most

recent meeting of the Board of Directors, CORE Council and Integration Team.

–       the Integration Module List  which listing the various design modules for the new

integrated organization and current team members.

            Here, in brief, are the basics of what we presented and discussed.

            After an invocation and introduction by our host, Dr. Kathy opened with words of welcome and established the intentions for the meeting.  She offered the following quotation from Ernest Holmes:

 “I am sure your interest is in the permanency of the movement, the same as mine is, even though we are on two sides of the same coin.  Of course, I know the whole thing will come back together when the right time comes, because it is the logical thing to do, and I think, in the long run, common sense usually wins.” 

            Dr. Kenn recounted some of the history of the movement toward Integration, including the Committee on Cooperation, the Visioning Bridge and the more recent Integration Team.  He shared about finding at the ICSL Spokane office the minutes recording the meeting in 1954 when the moment of “the split” took place; and he discussed the healing work that had been done (and will be done again at the Leadership Gathering) with the names of all in attendance at that 1954 meeting.  He spoke about the important and historic meetings that have taken place in the last two years between various leadership groups of both organizations and acknowledged the tremendous work and support of Rev. Deborah Johnson in the Integration process.

            Dr. Kathy acknowledged that we are entering a solid phase of organizational design and talked about what is guiding the process of Integration:

–       the deep sense that the people of both organizations want Integration

to happen;

–       the sense that “the right time” that Ernest Holmes referred to has come;

–       the Group Covenant Prayer from the Design Team Co-Creation process

facilitated by  Rev. Marcia Sutton, which Dr. Kathy read.

Dr. Kenn went over various parts of the “Statement of Principles and Memorandum of Understanding,” including guiding principles for the Integration process and the potential contribution of Integration to organizational effectiveness, innovative capability, market impact and financial return.  He offered the following regarding how the Integration design and decision- making process will proceed:

–       Ultimately, the delegates of the two organizations will determine the design of the new organization at the Leadership Gathering scheduled for February 2011 in San Diego, CA. 

–       All organizational elements and aspects have been distilled into Design Modules and a timeline has been created.

–       Module Design Teams are forming and will be meeting during 2010 to generate a design for their module in the new organization. 

–       In February 2010 at our Leadership Gathering in Denver, CO, all attendees will have the opportunity to participate in an open Community Dialogue.   Participants’ ideas and concerns will be voiced and captured in writing for the benefit of the Design Module Teams review and for anyone else’s perusal online after the Gathering. 

–       From March through July 2010, Module Teams’ draft designs will be created and submitted to the Design Team and reviewed for content and continuity with all other aspects of the Integration Process.  They will then be directed to an independent team that will draft new Bylaws.

–       The ICSL Board of Directors and the UCSL CORE Council will support this process by reviewing and commenting on drafts as they become available. A final draft of the Organizational Design and Bylaws Document must be approved by both leadership bodies before being presented to delegates.

–       The new Organizational Design and Bylaw Document will be presented to Delegates for final approval at the 2011 Leadership Gathering.  It is the intention of the Design Team to publish the Draft Organizational Design and Bylaw Document to the ICSL and UCSL communities prior to the Leadership Gathering.

Dr. Kathy shared the Design Module List and discussed the basic timeline of the design process.  She invited attendees to review the Modules and to sign up for Module Design Teams they would like to participate in.

Both Dr. Kathy and Dr. Kenn discussed  the following Integration activities already taking place:

–          Youth camps

–          Conferences

–          Cross pollination of pulpits

–          Practitioner reciprocity

–          Branding/Organizational Identity

–          Finance teams with members on each other’s teams

–          Practitioner Integration Team

We entered into what we called “hot topics” including:

–          Education – certificated/basic classes, and Practitioner and Ministerial training

–          The role of Practitioners within centers and the larger organization

–          The role and participation of Laity; Laity organization; Laity list serve

–          Other topics as they surfaced.

We shared about opportunities for community-wide input:

–           Attending the Regional Meetings

–           Attending the Leadership Gathering – to receive current information about the process and engage in community dialogue

–          E-mailing questions or concerns at any time.

Throughout the meeting we answered questions as they arose.  We completed by reading together the Group Covenant Prayer and closed with a Benediction.

            The meetings felt full, rich and valuable and we are grateful to Dr. Roger Teel, Rev. Mark Anthony Lord, Rev. Denise Schubert and Rev. Frankie Timmers and the people of their centers for their hospitality, kindness and support.

            The upcoming Regional Meeting are:


Dallas, Texas Thursday January 7, 2010
Center for Spiritual Living TIME: 6 – 9 PM
4801 Spring Valley
Dallas, Texas
(972) 866-9988  
Atlanta, Georgia Friday, January 8, 2010
Spiritual Living Centerof Atlanta
Woodruff Arts Center
TIME: 6 – 9 PM
Atlanta, Georgia  
(404) 417-0008
Cape Coral, Florida Saturday, January 9, 2010
Center for Spiritual Living406 SE 24th Ave TIME: 1 – 4 PM
Cape Coral, Florida
(239) 574-6463Encinitas, California

Seaside Center for

Spiritual Living

1613 Lake Drive

Encinitas, CA 

(760) 753-5786

Los Angeles, California

Founder’s Center for

Positive Spirituality

3281 West Sixth Street

Los Angeles, CA 

(213) 388-9733

Seattle, Washington

Center for Spiritual Living

5801 Sand Point Way NE

Seattle, WA

(206) 527-8801

Santa Rosa, California

Center for Spiritual Living,

Santa Rosa

2075 Occidental Road

Santa Rosa, CA

Monday, January 11, 2010

TIME:  6 – 9 PM

Friday, January 15, 2010

TIME:  6 – 9 PM

Friday, January 29, 2010

TIME:  6 – 9 PM

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TIME:  6 – 9 PM

We look forward to seeing you!



In Love and Peace,


Dr. Kathy Hearn                                         

Community Spiritual Leader


Dr. Kenn Gordon



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