Posted by: revlockard | April 19, 2010

Final Post on this Blog


The Visioning Bridge blog is ready to retire. Effective immediately, all communications (on-line that is) relating to the Integration of ICSL and UCSL will be handled at the following site:

Here is the last update representing the transition to the new communications site                                          


Integration is underway and progressing steadily!  The leadership of International and United Centers for Spiritual Living wants to make sure that anyone desiring to be involved in the process has the opportunity to do so.  For that purpose, we are sending this email to explain where we are in the process, how you can access information about integration, and where you can give feedback.


In 2009, the Design Team began meeting to map out the most effective way to bring the two organizations together.  They identified 18 “modules,” corresponding to the functional departments of each organization.  To see a full list of the modules, go to (login instructions listed below).  The first module teams began meeting in late 2009, and are continuing to meet through July of 2010.  These teams are using a project management software called Base Camp HQ to track their progress, communicate with one another, and post their design templates.  The Base Camp HQ website is available by invitation to all members of module teams.

How to Provide Feedback:

As each module team completes an initial draft of its proposed design for a department, the draft is posted to the Integration Forum website for public comment.  You can find these design drafts, and make comments, at Integration Forum site is for anyone who would like to comment on proposed module designs before they are finalized and sent to the Design Team (see below).  The feedback from this site will be given to the module team for them to consider as they finalize each proposed module design.

To access this site, go to Use the Login box on the left to login as a registered user or to create a new account. 

  • After logging in, click the link that says “Enter the Integration Forum.”
  • To enter as a guest without logging in, simply click the link that says “Login as a Guest.”
  • Once you enter a module or sub-module forum topic, you can use the blue hyperlink paths at the top and bottom of the topic, known as ‘breadcrumbs,’ to navigate throughout the Integration Forum.
  • Only registered users can reply to module draft information, leave comments, and add new discussion topics.  Registered users also have the benefit of being auto-subscribed to the Integration Forum so updates are emailed as they occur.  Guest users will be redirected to create an account when attempting to post comments.
  • Creating a registered user account is easy:
    • In the Login box on the left, click Create new account.
    • Select your own username and password and add your name, email, and city/country.
    • Click the Create My New Account button and the Integration Forum will email you a confirmation link to click on and complete your registration.
    • You can click the Modules button that appears to access the forum immediately or login at anytime using the username and password you created.

We are providing these methods to get information and provide feedback in a sincere attempt to include as many people as possible in the integration process.  By going to the Integration Forum and providing comments on the draft module designs, you can have your voice heard in the formation of the new organization. 

Next Steps:

Once all of the modules have posted their initial proposals on the Integration Forum, and comments from the field have subsequently been incorporated into the final proposed design of each module, each module team will fill out a Design Template to turn into the Design Team.  The current time line has all of these templates coming to the Design Team in July 2010.  Between July 2010 and October 2010, the Design Team will synthesize the material and create a comprehensive overall organizational design.  A draft copy of this overall design will be posted for public comment in October 2010, and will also be sent to the Board of Directors of International Centers for Spiritual Living and the CORE Council of United Centers for Spiritual Living for their review.  Following this, copies will go to all the communities and be posted on the Integration Forum.  Additionally, the Design Team will host a series of conference calls to address any questions or comments about the draft design.  Drs. Kathy Hearn and Kenn Gordon will participate in approximately ten regional meetings between October 2010 and January 2011, to provide yet another opportunity for public discussion.  The entire membership of both International and United Centers for Spiritual Living will vote on the final design in February 2011 at the Leadership Gathering in San Diego.  Anyone who may be a delegate at the 2011 Leadership Gathering will want to become well-versed in the design information before participating in the voting.  Watch for updates about each of these steps as the process continues.

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact any member of the Design Team:

Dr. Kenn Gordon                      

Dr. Kathy Hearn                        

Dr. Jim Lockard                        

Dr. John Waterhouse                

Dr. Steve Gabrielson                

Dr. Michelle Medrano               

Dr. Karen Kushner                    

Rev. Gregory Toole                  

Dr. Candice Becket                  

Dr. Judy Morley                        

Steve Burton                             

Thank you for your support of and participation in this joyous integration process!


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