Hello to All,

So you know there’s an integration between ICSL and UCSL going on, right? In an attempt to help all of you stay informed on the steps we are taking, The Integration Team will be sending out monthly updates. This communication is the first such letter. In order to catch up with all that has happened since our meeting in Los Angeles last September, we’ll go back a few months.

1) At the conclusion of our September meeting, the Integration Team determined that the time had arrived to begin putting together the leadership of different functional areas from both ICSL and UCSL.

2) The first such meeting happened last November and brought together the leaders in education.

3) In December, the Integration team met in Los Angeles, California. A significant portion of the committee’s time together involved visioning. In that process the following three questions were explored:

a. What is the world we want to create?

b. Who do we need to be as an integrated organization to create that world?

c. What intentions need to be set to get there?

Three key themes have been identified in the following order

a. Connection

b. Consciousness

c. Communication

We recommend that all meetings between leadership teams during the next phase of integration maintain a high sense of alignment with these themes as we all contribute our time, effort and considerable talents to the unfolding of one organization.

4) In January, there was a second meeting of leadership of a functional area took place in Golden, CO. This meeting involved Conference and Events. Out of that meeting came the recommendation that we begin to completely “cross-pollinate” our 2010 conferences, with fully integrated conferences beginning in 2011. Since that meeting it has been determined that the ICSL/UCSL Leadership/Gathering will happen in February 2010.

5) Also in January, the Integration Team met via teleconference. It was determined that there needed to be some on-going support for the many functional area meetings being schedule. To that end, UCSL and ICSL have appointed Integration Coordinators. Dr. John Waterhouse (Asheville, NC) and Dr. Jim Lockard (Simi Valley, CA) who will represent each organization and the Integration Team to work with representatives from both organizations in each functional area. The coordinators will report to the Integration Team and to the leadership of ICSL & UCSL. The first step will be to conduct interviews of key people in each of the areas in both organizations to get a clear picture of the operational aspects of what is currently done. This will be followed by meetings, conference calls, and the development of an Integration Plan and a timeline. We are exploring the possibility of contracting with a consultant to guide this process.

So there you have it. As we move toward our target date of December 31, 2011 for full integration, much will be happening. Stay informed. Stay involved. We’re in this together!


Rev. Dr. Candice Becket Rev. Nirvana Gayle

Co-Chair Integration Team Co-Chair Integration Team

Letters from Dr. HarrAdd Newy Morgan Moses

To: Members of the Vision Bridge Team

Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn

Rev. Dr. Ken Gordon

Rev. Nirvanna Gayle

Rev. Jim Lockard

Rev. Dr. Sandy Moore

Dear Friends and Beloved Colleagues,

What an exciting time as the Visioning Bridge moves from idea to action and a whole new possibility of Oneness is being born on the “Holmesian” side of the New Thought movement.

The forthcoming unification is bringing forth a rich and powerful blessing to the entire movement. Through my group interactions in the last six months, it has become apparent that the thrust of the consciousness of YES is indeed moving forward; yet some souls appear to be stuck (aka hurt, angry, misunderstood, dishonored or ignored).

For more than 20 years through my training with the late Dr. Edith Stauffer, PhD and Psycho Synthesis International, I have been teaching and offering a unique, powerful and transcendental experience in forgiveness. It might be beneficial at the level of leadership to have the opportunity of this energetic experience of forgiveness as revealed in this very specific process in the field. The work is very beneficial at the group and individual level.

It would be my honor and privilege to facilitate this process with the Bridge Team, which would also have a profound benefit for the entire field (the holographic nature of forgiveness work).

I celebrate the good work that YOU are all doing in service. I join in the thrill of all the Good that is emerging and I know that we are on the threshold of the “New Heaven and New Earth”.

HLA (Highest Love Always),

Dr. Harry Morgan Moses

Spiritual Director/Senior Minister

SpiritWorks Center for Spiritual Living

2nd Letter:

June 16, 2008

To Whom It May concern (UCSL/RSI)

cc: Ross Foti, Dr. Casey J. Gryba, Dr. Maureen Hoyt, Dr. Tom Sannar, Rev. Jim Lockard and Dr. Angelo Pizelo

RE: candidates, training & reciprocity

Beloved Colleagues,

As we are engaged in the process of unification, I recognize the
challenges/opportunities that are created in credentialing.

The inspiration for this letter is based on the affiliation application for
Rev. Sherry Serkes however the history is relevant as the entire field of New
Thought moves forward in greater unity.

Back in the early days of the Affiliated New Thought Network, Dr. Angelo
Pizelo (who was at the time superintendent of two school districts) was
birthing the Emerson Institute. ANTN chose to embrace Emerson as its
educational arm. At that time J. Robert Gale was the operations manager for
all of United. With his leadership and through the coordination of leaders
within United and RSI, comparisons were made of the curriculum in all three
organizations. These comparisons were made in order to assure that the
background training was the same. During the course of my tenure in
leadership at ANTN it was agreed among the major Religious Science organizations that the first and second year training were equivalent. I believe that if you were to compare the training programs up to the turn-of-the-century, you will find that the requirements in ministry training across the board were similar.

As we discover the new ground in our synthesized organization the teachings
and credentialing from Emerson Institute in my view should be considered and
recognized as substantial.

I know that the new good we are birthing as the Centers for Spiritual Living
will draw forth procedures that reflect consciousness and demonstration as
authority as we move forward to bring transformation in the lives of
100,000,000 people.

Our beloved colleague Dr. Mary Tumpkin reminds us that, “in New Thought there is something to know”. Let’s find a way to honor and support those souls who have taken the time to get, “Know How”.

Always in support, let me know how I can serve

HLA (Highest Love Always),

Harry Morgan Moses, DD
Spiritual Director, Senior Minister

SpiritWorks Center for Spiritual Living


Dear Leader,

Religious Science International is hosting an integration workshop in concert with the United Centers for Spiritual Living on Thursday and Friday, September 11 and 12, at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott, located close to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). We are asking each church/centre to send up to (2) two people, preferably their senior minister and/or pastor with one other decision maker, to this historical meeting. Churches without pastors or senior ministers are encouraged to send representatives as well.

The leadership of both organizations are clearing their schedules to meet with you and will be waiting to greet you upon your arrival. (Please see next message for meeting details.)

Representation by each church/centre is central to the manifestation of this vision. Rev. Deborah Johnson, an independent facilitator who has been working with both organizations for the past year, describes our integration process as follows:

The process of two organizations blending together is much like building a bridge. You don’t stand on one side and work your way to the other. Building a bridge requires independent anchoring on each side. The bridging occurs when something extends from each side that meets in the middle and joins them together as one. Considering its terrain and environment, each side must do whatever is needed and appropriate for its own anchoring. This may differ significantly from what is necessary on the other side. The most important thing is not for each side to mirror each other’s processes, but for each to be making a way towards the other. As each organization is anchoring its own foundation for the bridge, let us start communing together and reaching out to one another. The path opens at the point of connection.

We are embarking upon an integration process of our two organizations. The root of the word integration is integer which means whole, without fractures or fragments. Integrity is living in a state of integration. We are coming together for the wholeness and the integrity of our movement.

In addition to this meeting, a Conference Call sponsored by the Integration Team for all Senior Ministers, Pastors, and Leaders, will be held:

Wednesday, June 25, at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time,

to answer questions and update the field.  Dr. Kathy Hearn and Dr. Kenn Gordon, together with Rev. Deborah Johnson and members of the Integration Team, will be on this call to answer questions. We anticipate upward of a hundred people on this call, so we’re asking all interested parties to please submit their questions or comments by

email at

Following this call, all questions and comments will be published on our Visioning Bridge blog: ( and distilled so that Integration Team members can respond.

To access this call (as a listener only):

June 25, 2008 – 11:00 AM PT

Dial: 978-964-0049

Enter Passcode: 236760#

Also, the conference will be recorded so it can be replayed by anyone at a later date.

It is time to bridge the gap and work together to present our teaching to the world.


Dr. Kenn Gordon                                         Dr. Kathy Hearn

President                                                       Community Spiritual Leader

Religious Science International                United Centers for Spiritual Living


Religious Science Internationall



September 21, 2007

Dear Colleagues,

Let me begin by expressing my gratitude to all of you who supported with Spiritual Mind Treatment our historic meeting with the Core Council of the United Centers for Spiritual Living in Los Angeles last week. The energy of support was palpable in that room as our Religious Science International Board of Directors met with the Core Council of UCSL. The members of the Visioning Bridge Committee were also in attendance.

Before I review what led to the meeting, let me give you the essential result: The Religious Science International Board of Directors has committed to move forward with the integration process with the United Centers for Spiritual Living for the advancement of Religious Science and the Science of Mind® in the world.

What this means is that we have set a clear intention to integrate our organizations into a single presence for Religious Science in the world. The initial actions arising out of this intention have to do with communicating this to the members of the respective organizations, gathering feedback, beginning to examine and compare our respective activities (policies, procedures, programs, etc.), and continuing to create new areas of collaboration.

Our meeting was facilitated by Rev. Deborah Johnson, an independent Religious Science minister from Santa Cruz, CA. After introductions and visioning, our conversation revolved around the question, “what is the highest and best for our denomination, Religious Science?” We had the opportunity to identify the “elephants” in the room, as well as explore bottom line concerns. It became apparent that everyone understood that forward movement of this larger intention was not dependent upon any of the bottom line concerns and that every discrepancy and every excuse, every block and every hurdle that could prevent us from moving forward would and could be worked out by reason and Spirit, if we chose to do it.

We, in RSI, will begin this by:

  • Reaffirming our mandate from our membership through continuing conversation via fall teleconferences, our ministers’ forum in New Jersey, regional meetings and through the creation of an open blog for both organizations to voice support and concern.

  • This reaffirmation to include all interested parties including pastors, ministers, practitioners and members of our various boards of trustees.

  • We will continue the Visioning Bridge Committee, empowering it to facilitate the continuing meetings and intentions as set in this meeting.

  • We support an opportunity to bring together for discussion the clergy from both organizations for a similar process as we have just completed in Los Angeles.

  • Department heads to correspond with their United counterparts to create reports of parallel functions, processes, policies, etc., between the two organizations.

  • To open and encourage our members to participate in all events, seminars, and meetings that either organization holds.

  • To invite a representative from United to our Board meetings and to accept a reciprocal invitation for a representative to attend the Core Council meetings.

Finally, I do want to articulate the sense, energy and common intentions of this meeting. Every person in attendance spoke to the value of it, and there was a deep sense of demonstration pervading the entire coming together. The overall feeling of unity, connection, and sense of common purpose was powerful and productive. It was obvious that the timing was perfect and that all actions that follow are divine. Our two organizations truly are identical in intentions, callings, purposes and desires. Lawrence Toliver, our lay Director from Charlotte, succinctly summed it up when he said, “We are now moving from common ground to higher ground.”

Our Visioning Bridge Committee has established a blog at to act as a clearing house of information for both organizations. As documents are produced, they will be posted there; the names and contact information of all Visioning Bridge Committee members are posted there and you are invited to share this blog address with your church and core membership. It is there to provide a forum and anyone is welcome to make comments about any issue relating to the process and, of course, to view the comments of others.

And so it is!

Please know that you are loved and honored.

Dr. Kenn Gordon



Hello Beloved Colleagues,

The following is a report of the meeting between the CORE Council of United Centers for Spiritual Living and the Board of Directors of Religious Science International on September 10 and 11, 2007. The meeting resulted in the unanimous decision on the part of all the participants from both organizations to enter into the process of the integration of our two organizations on behalf of the advancement of Religious Science in the world.


On March 28, 2007 I received the following invitation from Dr. Candice Becket of RSI along with the request for me to communicate this to our CORE Council.

“The RSI Board of Directors invites the United Centers for Spiritual Living Core Council to meet in the early fall to have a conversation about the next steps in the Visioning Bridge process. We are interested in knowing if you are ready to discuss reunification in terms of specific goals and the beginning of a process to strategically approach the areas of concern, from education to credentials, to organizational unification issues. We are open to discussing all possibilities that might lead to a greater presence of our teaching in the world. Our ministerial field has given us a mandate to pursue these possibilities and we feel that it is time that the leadership of the two organizations met to have this conversation.”

This invitation came after three years of meetings of the Visioning Bridge, a group comprised of members of both organizations brought together for the purposes of visioning and discussion. Our CORE Council accepted the invitation, and we met at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton Hotel from 1 PM – 6 PM September 10 and from 9 AM to 12 PM on September 11.

The attendees were as follows:

United Centers for Spiritual Living

Visioning Bridge: Rev. Nirvana Gayle (Chair), Dr. Kathy Hearn, Rev. Roger Juline, Rev. Sandy Moore, Rev. Karen Weingard.

CORE Council: Craig Steele (Chair), Rev. Alice Bandy, Walter Drew, Rev. Jerry Fetterly, Dr. Kathy Hearn (Community Spiritual Leader), Rev. Cynthia James, Dr. Michelle Medrano, Rev. Suzi Schadle, Rodney Scott, Rod Stewart (Susan Hopkins was unable to attend.)

Guest: Dr. Christian Sorensen

Religious Science International

Visioning Bridge:  Dr. Candice Becket (Chair), Dr. Heather Clark, Rev. James Lockard, Dr. Jim Turrell, Rev. Madalyn Wade

Board of Directors: Dr. Kenn Gordon (President), Dr. Candice Becket, Dr. Steven Brabant, Rev. Eileen Brownell, Dr. Heather Clark,Wesley Kramer, Loretta Huss, Rev. Karen Kushner, Rev. James Lockard, Rev. Bob Luckin, Dr. Tom Sannar, Lawrence Toliver.

Our facilitator, Rev. Deborah L. Johnson, is the founding minister and president of Inner Light Ministries, an Omnifaith outreach ministry in Santa Cruz, California. Rev. Deborah has dedicated her ministry to teaching the practical application of Universal Spiritual Principles to all of life’s circumstances.  She is also the founder and president of The Motivational Institute, an organizational development consulting firm specializing in cultural diversity and serving the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Her clients range from Fortune 500 companies to community based organizations. She is a dynamic public speaker, known for her ability to bring clarity to complex and emotionally charged issues. Rev. Deborah is familiar to many from her years spent at Guidance and Agape and her ministerial training with Holmes Institute. She also designed and facilitated the regional dialogues during our name-change process. She was selected as our facilitator because of her consciousness, skills, and familiarity with both Religious Science International and United Centers for Spiritual Living.

Over the two meeting days, Rev. Deborah expertly moved us through the following basic agenda:

– Centering, context for the meeting, agenda, introductions

– What is the highest and best for our denomination, Religious Science? Visioning, creating a collective mural, immediately connecting at a heart space revealing deep insights, putting Spirit first.

– Honesty, telling our truths; getting the agendas out; identifying “the elephants” in the room; exploring the bottom line concerns

– Where are our leaders on this issue?

– Clarity surrounding “reunification” or other possibilities

– Next Steps

Of course, much discussion ensued along the way. Rev. Deborah suggested that we use the word “integration” rather than “re-unification” to describe the coming together of the two organizations because the “re” refers back to the past and the split while “integration” embraces all that has been and is now. She offered the idea that just as a child may have been conceived through a not so wonderful circumstance but is embraced as it is in the now, our two organizations were birthed as they were yet stand together as they are in the now. She encouraged us to consider the meaning of words related to “integration.” There is “to integrate” – to bring together for the purpose of wholeness; to unite with something else; to incorporate into a larger unit; to bring into common and equal membership. And there is “integrity” – an unimpaired condition; the quality or state of being complete or undivided; unity. Perhaps we stand in greater integrity as we bring the two main bodies of Religious Science together.

A few things I noted. Dr. Jim Turrell mentioned Ernest Holmes sitting on the steps of Founders weeping when the split happened. Lawrence Toliver of RSI said, “We have been on common ground. It’s time to go to higher ground.” And, Dr. Christian, who has been carrying the vision of organizational integration for many years, said that “integrate” can be “in-to-great.”

In looking at next steps, Rev. Deborah assisted us in seeing that when a bridge is being built, the two sides are often anchored in different ways because of different conditions on each side. She encouraged each organization to look at its own steps of anchoring.

Ours are: Step 1: This report.

Step 2: Community input. We invite all of our Covenanted Community members to communicate with us in response to these questions:

1) What do you see as the highest possibilities of/the greatest good to come from integrating our two organizations?

2) What do you think is most important for us to consider and be aware of as we take steps in this process?

**** Please send your responses to Rev. Nirvana Gayle ( ****

Step 3: An Open Forum at The Gathering in Kansas City. During this time, the responses to the questions above will be shared with opportunities for dialogue and questions.

Also, a Visioning Bridge blog has been created at for you to share your communications.

Our two-day meeting ended with a final “check-out” around the group during which each one of us shared feelings and thoughts. The enormity of the moment and the decision to move forward with integration was big in our hearts and minds and in the room. There was emotion, deep reverence and a sense of awe. A few tears were shed, too, along with a contemplative pause when someone mentioned that on this 9/11, 2007 our twin towers of organizational separation were coming down. 

We know there is a long process to move through and many issues to discuss and resolve. But what an exciting time in the life of Religious Science! We look forward to your participation!

In Love and Peace,

Dr. Kathy Hearn Community Spiritual LeaderUnited Church of Religious Science/United Centers for Spiritual Living

“United Centers for Spiritual Living teaches the principles and the practice of Science of Mind for personal and global transformation”



  1. Congratulations on this important project! We at the High Desert Center for Spiritual Living have been following this issue since we have been in existence (10 years!) and I as a teen advisor have been watching the leadership begun by the RSWE camp of 2000.

    We have so many who want to participate we are seeking the open slots of other churches so that we can participate, bless, move our feet, and UNIFY!


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