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Report from The Gathering


I attended The Gathering in Anaheim, CA, this week and had a wonderful experience of my UCSL brothers and sisters. Dr. Kenn Gordon and I were warmly received and enjoyed wonderful hospitality. We are planning a joint Leadership Gathering in Denver in Feb 2010, which will bring together UCSL’s Gathering with ICSL’s Leadership Conference. It would be wonderful to see over 1,000 of us together for that event!

Thanks to The Gathering Committee and to Dr. Kathy Hearn, the UCSL CORE Council, and staff, and to everyone who made for such a successful event!

Love and Light,

Jim Lockard

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Letter from the Integration Team Leaders 2-14-09

Please go to the documents page to see an update letter from Dr. Candice Becket and Rev. Nirvanal Gaye regarding the Integration process.

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Conferences & Events Summit 1/13-15/2009

Hello Everyone,

Just an update on what is going on in Denver this week. We are
meeting at the new UCSL Headquarters in Golden, CO, just outside
Denver. The purpose is to create a plan for how we will present
conferences and events after 2010 and into Integration. We are seeing
this as the creation of a bridge from our current dual systems into a
new, united system.

The meeting has been very positive. We have visioned, shared,
strategized, imagined, and created. We are not complete – we will
finish this meeting by lunchtime today – but we have generated the
basic form for our conferences for 2011. You will be hearing details

We will recommend that we also completely “cross-polinate” our 2010
conferences – again details will be forthcoming.

This is the second of our meetings for the functional areas of both
organizations. There will be many more during 2009. We are gaining a
great deal of knowledge about each other, and discovering new ways of
being that will greatly serve the way we are in the world.

Present at this meeting are Dr. Kathy Hearn, Dr. Judy Morley, and
Rev. Ron Fox from UCSL; Rev. Franking Timmers, Dr. Steve Gabrielson,
Rev. Pat Campbell, Rev. Karen Wolfon, Ms. Tammi Tucker, and myself
from ICSL; and Melani Marconi from BDI-Development Group, Inc. NOTE:
the reason that there are more ICSL folks here has to do with the
structure for how conferences are managed within each organization)

I know that many of you have been treating during this week. Thank
you for your thoughts and intentions – we have felt them and are
seeing the manifestation.

Love and Light,

Dr. James Lockard, Spiritual Leader
Center for Spiritual Living, Simi Valley
1756 Erringer Road, Suite 100
Simi Valley, CA 93065

http://www.OneSpirit. org
DrJim@OneSpirit. org

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A QUICK UPDATE – 12/6/2008

Hello Everyone:

I apologize for the lack of updates on this blog since our historic Integration Summit in September. I have moved to a new center, and, well, the time has flown.

I will give a quick update now, and get back later in the week with a more complete report.

I have to begin with a statement of loss. ICSL’s beloved Dr. Jeffrey Proctor, the Director of Education and Spiritual Leader of the Center for Spiritual Living, Baltimore, made his transition on December 3rd at the age of 48. We will all miss Jeffrey, who exemplified our teaching lived from a place of great compassion.

So here is what is/has happened:

1. The Integration Team met at the conclusion of the Summit in LA on September 12 to review the meeting and plan next steps.

2. The first of the functional areas to meet was education. An Education Summit was held in LA during US Thanksgiving week. Rev. Deborah Johnson facilitated the process. The Summit set the stage for the development of an integration plan for one of our most critical areas. Dr. Jeffrey was preparing the report for the Summit, so that will need to be done by others, which may result in a delay in posting the report to this site.

3. The Integration Team met at Guidance Church in LA on December 3rd. We are developing a set of intentions to be used by all of the functional areas as they meet. There is already a template developed to guide the members of each functional area through the initial integration conversations and into strategic planning. The team is also planning another General Summit for next Fall in a location to be named.

4. A Conference and Events Summit will be held in Golden, CO, on January 13-15. The plan is to emerge from that meeting with a proposal for a new conference and events schedule to serve our integrated organization beginning in 20011. The group has already visioned and had initial conversations by telephone. In the meantime, everyone is invited to all conferences and events beginning right now!

Please send your comments, questions, and suggestions – they will be posted to the blog and answered where possible. This process is moving forward with the full  support of both organizations. Spirit is in action.

Love and Light,

Jim Lockard,

Integration Team

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By Dr. Jim Lockard, Integration Team:

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday we concluded the two day meeting between ICSL & UCSL at the LAX Marriott Hotel. The energy was electric and the harmony was evident as ministers and other leaders from spiritual communities came together to have a conversation to get to know one another better. The meeting was attended by more than 350 people, with both organizations almost evenly represented.

We were updated by representatives of ICSL & UCSL on the Integration Process, Organizational Structure, Educational programs, and Branding. Then we did interactive processes to get to know each other better – who are we? what are our highest aspirations for Integration? what are our concerns & anxieties? This information will be posted soon – the event was recorded by a stenographer and many photos were taken.

We had meals together, visioned together, heard examples of entities that are already integrating, and we prayed and sang together.

Send in your comments if you were there, or your questions if you weren’t.

Next steps include an educational summit in November and a soon-to-be scheduled conferences & events  summit. The functional areas  will begin to come together as we move forward. We will begin to share more presenters at conferences beginning in 2009 – so there is lots to do, lots to share, and lots to be grateful for.

Thanks to everyone who made this historic meeting such a great success and loving experience.

Love and Light,

Jim Lockard

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Letter from Rev Nirvana re: 9/11 & 12 Meeting

4 September 2008



My Dearest Friends & Colleagues,


As I received the list of the attendees who have signed up to attend our joint UCSL/ICSL Integration Summit, we have roughly 160 from each organization and over 330 total, the magnitude and significance of this is hitting on another level and flooding my emotions.  What a glorious time this is.  As I glanced at the list of attendees, I blessed each one of them and I became overwhelmed with tears.  This is going to be magical, one heck of a celebration, a real party.  I am profoundly grateful for your participation in honoring the sacredness and awesome celebration of this moment. I thank all of you who have signed up to be part of this historical occasion and I am so jazzed and enthusiastic about seeing and playing with you next week.


For those of you, who are not able to attend for whatever reason, please hold all of us in your heart and prayers.  Please connect with us in consciousness and be present with your support, energy, love and prayers.  In this way we are able to be far more expansive in our inclusiveness of everyone who so desires to be part of this celebration whether physically present or not.  We all know that there is only One Mind, and what is know anywhere in that Mind is known everywhere in that Mind.  So in truth, everyone who wants to be there is actually there whether in the physical or the invisible.  Since there is no time and space, I know that Ernie is smiling down upon us and resting with greater piece to see his family back together again.


In addition, everyone please engage your congregations and communities at your Sunday services to participate with us in consciousness.  Please include us in your Sunday prayers.  As I said once before, this is not a meeting that is investigating or exploring whether we want to come together.  We have already made the decision to come together and this meeting is just about getting to know our new extended family first hand, break bread together and dance in the joy. 


I feel so grateful, honored and blessed to be part of this and to have share this time with each and every one of you.  Thank you for dancing with me in this great musical of our souls.


All my love,



Rev. Nirvana Reginald Gayle

Co-Chair, Vision Bridge/Integration Team


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Letter from Rev. Nirvana to UCSL Ministers Re: 9/11&12 Meeting

Hello my dear friends and colleagues.  As you already know on September 11 & 12, 2008 we’re having a momentous gathering, an Integration Summit between United Centers for Spiritual Living and the newly crowned International Centers for Spiritual Living (formerly RSI).  This will be the first time that the two major religious science organizations will be coming together in close to fifty years.  This is a time of rejoicing, celebration, reconciliation, rejuvenation and profound dancing of the soul.


For so long we have been suffering under the delusion that we are separate.  Talking a good game of oneness and inclusivity to the world and the unity of all under/in/as God and yet within our own household practicing separation and exclusion.  So, while the world saw us as one and never made any distinctions between the two organizations, we continued to hold on to faulty notions of separation for stuff none of us in the present generation of religious scientist even know about.  It was this sense of separation within our own ranks that retarded and stifled our growth and development into the “next great impulsion of the ages.” 


Our coming together in these wonderful times represents our willingness to step up and claim our destiny as that space that calls forth the unity of all humankind and the oneness of all creation.  We are a religion, teaching, philosophy and cosmology that embraces all faiths and traditions as branches of the One Power and Presence within which we all move, breathe and have our being.  So it is imperative that we stand in the glory of the unity we are calling for in the world.  To truly have a world that works for everyone we must at least be a world that works for/with one another. 


How often do we parrot the words “be the change you want to see?”  If we want a world that is reflective of the oneness, unity, inclusiveness, love, peace, joy, harmony, freedom, forgiveness, reconciliation and creativity we truly know it to be, then we must first demonstrate that in our own dealings with one another.  I am moved to tears that we are finally dancing in celebration with one another in God and that September 11, is our coming out party.  How significant is that?  We get to reframe and requalify that date from one of fear, suffering and mourning to one of great love, oneness and celebration.  WOW!


So I invite you to be part of history, to be part of the legacy that ends 50 years of foolish feuding and stand for the truth we are ordained to be.  Come play with us as we get to know one another look into each others eyes and share our joys, triumphs, concerns, worries, tenderness, visions, sorrows, laughter and playful desires.  Lend your voice, your soul, the essence of your being to the soulful grooves of God singing in delight as all of us and watch as the world picks up that tune to join in this magical choir of the spheres.


All my love,


Nirvana G


Rev. Nirvana Reginald Gayle

Co-Chair, UCSL/ICSL Integration Team

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At the Congress of the 2008 Asilomar Conference, on July 30th, Religious Science International changed its name to International Centers for Spiritual Living. The motion was made by Rev. Joe Hooper of the Center for Spiritual Living in Palm Desert, CA, and was approved by acclaimation.

A second motion, also by Rev. Hooper, empowered the International Centers for Spiritual Living Board of Directors to pursue and enter into an agreement to integrate with United Centers for Spiritual Living.

A very historic day in our final summer conference at Asilomar.

Jim Lockard

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Integration Conference Call

Click below to hear the Integration Team Conference Call from June 2008:

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Integration Conference Call

This is the recording of the Integration Conference Call.

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