The Committee

The Visioning Bridge Committee has been meeting since June 2003. Their focus has been to explore the possibilities of expanding the teaching of the Science of Mind in the world. The committee consists of members representing the United Centers for Spiritual Living and International Centers for Spiritual Living. There have been some changes in the membership of the committee over the years. Below are the current members and their contact information.

Dr. Kathy Hearn, Community Spiritual Leader, UCSL

Dr. Candice Becket, Board of Directors, ICSL

Rev. Nirvana Gale, Guidance Church, UCSL

Dr. Kenn Gordon, President, ICSL

Rev. James Lockard, Board of Directors, ICSL

Rev. Roger Juline, UCSL

Dr. James Turrell, Spiritual Discovery Center, ICSL

Rev. Sandy Moore, Center for Spiritual Living, UCSL

Dr. Heather Clark, Board of Directors, CSLI

Rev. Karen Weingard, Center of the Heart, UCSL

Rev. Madalyn Wade, Sierra Center for Positive Living, ICSL

Dr. John Waterhouse, Center for Creative Living, Asheville, ND, UCSL/ICSL



  1. I am among the pioneers (or so I’m told) who has received a dual license as a practitioner serving two communities — one an RSI in Oregon, and a United in California. My business requires me to be in both places and I came to peace with this by deciding that my life is NOT DIVIDED BY STATES or by Californians and Oregonians, rather, at least for now, God’s expression as me unfolds on the West Coast, which may soon include Washington State.
    How exciting it was when I discoverd, after my application for Global Heart Practitioner was turned down, that I could serve in FULL capacity as a practitioner wherever my expanding life is expressing itself by holding an RSI license AND a United license.
    For me, this is the beginning of my chosen spiritual organization helping me to tear down the equivalent of the Berlin Wall, supporting my growing consciousness of being a practitioner everywhere, all the time, unbound by geographic, political, religious and social faction.
    History is full of religious (and other) fragmentation… how many do we read about coming back together??
    What a powerful, consciousness-changing, heart- and spirit-driven move!
    While on the administrative level, I hold a ‘dual’ license, I know that Infinite Loving Spirit administers my license and I serve only One Global Heart Community. I hold that truth for these apparent two organizations.
    In deep love,
    Margie Gordillo, RScP
    Spiritual Growth Center, Eugene, Oregon
    Oakland Center for Spiritual Living, Oakland, California

  2. Now that the process seems to be moving forward I would hope both organizations will quickly have their bylaws and procedures publishedon this site. I’m sure I’m not the only field minister that wants to see “what is” so we can make an intelegent decision about support.

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